Coconut Oil to help your liver!

I have seen people posting about oil pulling for months maybe even years… I rolled my eyes and thought OK that’s just weird!  This week however another blog post got my attention.

She made it sound like a simple part of her day. She explained it well enough that i thought Hey that is something I could do!

I posted this on my Facebook and all of a sudden a bunch of them started posting that blog and trying the oil pulling.

I have been admiring posts about coconut for a while. My last experience with coconut before this was in 2006 when i went on a first date to a Thai restaurant and had coconut rice. That night when I got home i was covered in hives from head to toe! So I have avoided coconut since then.

I remembered that allergies tend to run in 7 year cycles so last Tuesday i put a bit on my tongue, a bit on my chin and a bit on my arm . I waited for 4 hours and nothing happened so I went ahead and decided to try the oil pulling. It certainly helped that I had friends trying it at the same time as me!

For my first experience with coconut oil pulling , i put the jar under hot water to allow some oil to melt on the surface. I put a teaspoon in my mouth.  I swished it around and initially it felt so weird. I could feel grains of my dinner being mixed into the oil in my mouth.  I lasted 7 minutes and spit it out in the sink. now my mouth felt really clean, my teeth actually looked quite shiny!  Now I admit I spit that out into my sink without thinking, you are not supposed to allow it in your drains because it will harden and cause blockages.

My second day i used a bit more coconut oil almost a full tablespoon, and I was able to swish it in my mouth for 15 minutes. This time i didn’t do it right after I ate so there was not the same level of grit in the oil in my mouth. I do suggest not eating for an hour before you do this. The feeling of the grit from meals in the oil is not good :(.

This time i spit it into a baggie. Then i took a sip of my water and swished that around and spit that out too. This is all i feel is needed at that point, you just want to make sure the oil is cleared from your mouth.  I noticed that my lips seemed softer after I did the oil pulling. So i took some coconut oil and applied as a chapstick, i also decided to put some on my forehead where there was dry skin. I honestly feel like covering my whole body in coconut oil now that I know all the benefits.

So what about your liver health. How does this coconut oil pulling help my liver. The basic reason for doing the oil pulling is to remove toxins from your mouth, you breath in toxins, you eat toxins, those are in your mouth. this allows you to capture the toxins in your mouth and avoid sending them to your liver! this is good news for your liver because you did some of its work.

Good fat – The oil from coconuts are made up of Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCT. Basically, they are smaller fats that are more easily used by your body. Most fats are Long Chain Triglycerides and are harder to digest. MCTs in coconut oil do not require bile during digestion which helps the liver.  The MCTs are absorbed quickly as a source of energy which is a problem in liver disease.

You can use this as a healthy oil for cooking stir fry or any other things you fry.

You can put it in your coffee or tea its a slightly sweet oil so give it a shot.

You can use it on your skin to sooth it after a sunburn, and to address the itching that comes along with liver disease.

You can use it as a natural underarm deodorant and avoid the toxic crap they sell in stores!

Its a great conditioner for your hair

There are tons of blogs with lots of amazing uses for coconut oil and  I now have every intention of learning as much as i can.

I am now a believer and I encourage you to do your own investigation and then try for yourself.

Everything in Moderation  With End Stage Liver Disease, or any stage of cirrhosis, it is best to talk to your doctor about what is best for you.

If you have Hepatic Encephalopathy : Talk to your doctor about how it may effect your insulin needs. Coconut oil does produce ketones, and is a quick delivery to your liver.  The key word here is moderation.


Be Gentle to your liver !







Arbonne Body Care and Cosmetics – Fundraising for MetoWe Camp!

I have been lucky enough to try Arbonne products thanks to numerous amazing ladies I am connected with on social media. Arbonne® products are vegan-certified: their formulas are never tested on animals and do not contain animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products. Due to the growth in Metabolic disease and Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease this is very important to me and to those I care for. The chemicals being added by other companies are hurting our bodies in a toxic world.

To read about the products go to

To read about the company go to

Megan wants to attend A Social Innovation for Change Camp this summer. This camp offers an amazing leadership opportunity that will be able to help Megan bring back to our community through volunteer work and other humanitarian efforts. Megan will be working with industry professionals to help her learn ways to create tangible changes. To learn more about this camp go to Me to We’s website.

Megan is 16 years old and a junior at Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School The opportunity to attend this camp would mean the world to her as she looks towards a career in human rights law after fighting for 6 years with a chronic illness called Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease that left me in various states of extreme sickness throughout that time. She has impressed Investor’s Group enough so that they have given her a bursary to  cover some of the costs, but with me as a single mother she need help to raise the remaining funds. Human Rights are a huge passion for her and she will  make a difference in both the local and international community.

Janet Auty-Carlisle is a great friend that I have not had the pleasure of meeting in person but I have known on Social Media for a good 5 years. Whenever there has been an opportunity to support Megan and I in that time she has always stepped up and been wonderful.

Now she is offering to give Megan a nice percentage of all sales in May for Arbonne products purchased online with Janet’s Sales ID.

So if you want to help Megan and you want to help your body by using non toxic products go to

Orders can be placed in North America, United Kingdom and Australia. You will need to enter the 9 digit id 115726215 to get the fundraising donation to Megan.

Thank you in advance from your liver and from Megan!


A balanced approach to reversing fatty liver disease

My daughter Megan was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease in 2008. In the Ontario medical system we have seen the worst of what is offered. She has had doctors tell her to her face that her symptoms were all in her head. When doctors do not easily identify an illness you get to see the worst of who they are professionally. They get flustered, frustrated, impatient and can easily take it out on the patient. The number of times a doctor has talked to Megan in a condescending voice implying she is causing her illnesses is disturbing. Very rarely do you find a doctor who will treat her with respect and be on her side.

The focus of that 5 year journey based on what doctors said was always food related. They never gave concrete advice about what to eat, they would just say low fat. This was not easy to accept. How could all the low fat, diet foods that the companies I trusted be making my daughter so sick? But over that time I did find that processed foods do hurt her. I did learn not to trust the companies selling the food.

I didn’t focus on the alternate options in the health care sector, That was a sector i didn;t understand, I had never been exposed to anything other than massage and chiropractors.

I blindly trusted doctors who put Megan on birth control pills which likely created the 10 month of extreme vertigo. Why would doctors prescribe drugs that are going to cause other health issues? and why would they do that to a child?

I reached my breaking point after Megan spent a week at the Hospital for Sick Children, I was so thankful that Megan was FINALLY being seen by the best kids doctors! I love that hospital it was all I ever wanted for Megan. But that hospital did nothing for Megan. They were the ones who put her on anti depressants, they were ones that were pushing that she had psychological issues creating her illnesses. They broke my heart. They were not supposed to give up on kids and here they were..writing her off as a mental case. She was 13 years old. How dare you?!!

Now I do also keenly know that mental stress can create medical symptoms in the body. This completely depends on your bodies coping mechanisms and if this is what is causing your illnesses then please by all means talk to a professional and find your answers. This was not the answer for Megan.

After that experience I did not know where to turn. I was approached by a friend who was selling supplements and she was certain that the supplements would fix Megan. At this point I had nothing to lose so I took the chance on the supplements. The supplements did nothing for Megan , no changes in any symptoms. This was disappointing and hurt financially too.

I felt so defeated, I could not turn to doctors, I could not trust the corporations making our foods, I could not trust the drug companies. How would I help my child?

I tripped over an ad for a personal coach who was offering free advice and looking for someone to build marketing around. I decided to contact Brandon Krieger and take the step.

I did not know how important Brandon would become to Megan and I. I did not know he would help me research and find solid answers for Megan but thats what happened.

Brandon is a Holistic Coach, focussing on the whole person not just medical symptoms. The focus quickly moved away from my health and it was clear my biggest challenge was trying to help my daughter. He reached out to resources all around the world to get advice from health advocates and leaders in nutrition to create a specific diet for Megan which would be kind to her liver. All foods were from the ground, the animals and the water and nothing was processed. Megan hated this but she started to feel better.

Brandon introduced us to an Osteopath who determined that Megan’s uterus was twisted which explained her uncontrollable menstrual cycle. He found that she had blockages in her brain stem and others that would impact her hormones. He found her liver was not processing clearly.

Brandon and others researched the birth control pill Megan was on and we determined it could certainly cause the extreme vertigo. Megan was moved to another pill and we waited.

We changed her diet, we added exercise, we added Osteopathy. Megan started to feel better, She was able to get past the extreme vertigo. The answers were in the natural world for Megan not the medical community.

So that is the reason I am passionate about igniting a passion in you to take your health into your own hands, Listen to your body signals, do not blindly trust doctors, corporations or supplements. It is Never a 1 solution problem to fix. You need balance, Food , Exercise, Spiritual, Mental. You need to consider alternate therapies , you need to share your stories to find others who have travelled a similar path. You may have found an answer that someone else hasn’t considered.

I don’t expect everyone to walk away from here and change their life overnight. I don’t expect anyone to take every piece of information shared and use it. I want you to make 1 change to improve your health , just 1. Remove pop, Start taking walks, see a chiropractor, talk to a professional about your anxieties, learn to meditate, take a yoga class.

Find what works for you and make small changes that you can live with. If you listen to your body you will start noticing clues and you can determine if the changes are positive.

Those changes can easily make you feel worse initially. But give it 6 weeks. If after 6 weeks you are still feeling worse. STOP doing what you are doing! Find another option. Do not give up on yourself!

This is my story and why I am passionate…I hope I can help you find some natural solutions to symptoms.

If you have Fatty Liver Disease come check out our new support website
Michelle Clermont

Body Care Products and your Liver – Which common chemicals are dangerous How lotions are impacting your liver and alternates to body lotions.

I have known and basically ignored that not only does Alcohol, food, medications impact our livers negatively but so do products we put on our body. I have ignored it because well I had already made my teenage daughter miserable by getting rid of any FUN foods. She loves Bath and Body Work products, the scents make her feel pretty and make her happy. I was not prepared to tell my daughter that now you can ‘t have these products due to your liver!

But reality is that the perfumes and chemicals in all body care products are soaked in through your skin and are sent to your liver to process. Things as simple as Deoderant can cause incredible damage to your body. As an adult with sensitive skin I know that many cosmetics will dry my face out, cause rashes and pimples. I know that using facial cleansing wipes can sting my face. If that is what it is doing on the outer layer of my skin I can only imagine what the liver and other organs are feeling.

I have asked my friend Lisa Smith Morgan who runs a holistic spa to manage this page and share information with you about alternate products and products to avoid. There are ways to make most of these products in your home with simple household products. Her Spa is Serenity on the Humber This will be on our new website :

I can’t possibly be an expert in every area that impacts the liver, there is no way that the patients that are contributing to this website can possibly have every skill needed to help Liver patients. So I will bring in people I trust and get their knowledge to you so that you can protect your liver and be gentle to yourself!

Welcome to Lisa Smith Morgan!

HELLP syndrome and your pregancy

HELLP Syndrome and Your Pregnancy

What is HELLP syndrome?
HELLP syndrome is a rare but serious illness in pregnancy. This illness can start quickly, most often in the last 3 months of pregnancy (the third trimester). It can also start soon after you have your baby. HELLP stands for Hemolysis, Elevated Liver enzyme levels and a Low Platelet count. These are problems that can occur in women who have this syndrome.

Women who have HELLP syndrome may have bleeding problems, liver problems and blood pressure problems that can hurt both the mother and the baby.
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Who gets HELLP syndrome?
Doctors don’t know exactly what causes HELLP syndrome. They also can’t predict who will get it. Any pregnant woman may get this illness.

Most women who will get HELLP have blood pressure problems before they get HELLP syndrome. (But you can get HELLP syndrome even if your blood pressure is normal.)

You’re more likely to get HELLP syndrome if you’re white and older than 25 years of age. You are also more likely to get it if you have had children before or if you had a problem with a pregnancy in the past.
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How can I tell if I have HELLP syndrome?
If you have HELLP syndrome, you may feel tired. You may have pain in the upper right part of your belly. You may have bad headaches and nausea or vomiting. You may have swelling, especially in your face and hands. Rarely, you may notice bleeding from your gums or other places.

Because many healthy pregnant women also have these symptoms late in pregnancy, it may be hard to know for sure if you have HELLP syndrome. Your doctor may order blood tests if you have these symptoms or if your blood pressure is high.
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How is HELLP syndrome treated?
The main treatment for HELLP is to deliver your baby. This may have to be done before your due date. Most women who have this illness start to get better a couple of days after their babies are born.

If you aren’t too sick, your doctor may wait a few days before delivering your baby.

You may have to take a steroid. This medicine helps both you and your baby.

If you have bleeding, you may need blood transfusions or other treatments in the hospital.

Some women who have HELLP syndrome get very sick. Rarely, this illness is fatal.
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What can I do to prevent HELLP syndrome?
There is no way to prevent this illness. The best thing you can do is see your doctor regularly and tell your doctor about your symptoms at every prenatal visit.

If you have HELLP syndrome during one pregnancy, you can have it again during your next pregnancy. The illness is usually less severe the second time.

What does Terri’s Death teach us for Fatty Liver Disease?

Terri was 55 years old. Not young and not old, in December 2011 she was told by a family doctor that she had NAFLD and that she should go home and eat properly and exercise.

Sadly this is a VERY standard reply from doctors all over the world, and I understand why they feel this way. They are NEVER taught that this disease kills people. They are not being educated about the progression of this disease from basic NAFLD to NASH to Cirohsis. They are looking to help with Asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, and all other common health challenges facing our society. They know what drugs to prescribe to manage those symptoms. Until they are being educated properly and until people truly take this seriously that will not change.

For those doctors who have seen this disease take peoples lives , they will be the ones who will take this more seriously. How we find these doctors I don’t know but I know that in my group of 400 patients around the world there are a handful of doctors that do know this disease is a serious epidemic not to be taken lightly.

Then we have the patient. They go to the doctor complaining about exhaustion and stomach pains. So they did a stomach ultrasound and found a fatty liver. The doctor is not worried the doctor reassures them that if they lose weight and exercise that the liver will be fine. Patients are used to having lots of respect for their doctors. They are used to seeing them as all knowing, the perfect guides for managing the patients health. Patients go home, they might change some eating habits, they might lose some weight but since the doctor was not worried neither are they.

If the patient decides to investigate the disease they will find lots on the internet now, lots of conflicting data. Then they might go to the Liver Foundation for information. The Liver Foundation relies primarily on research and since there is not enough research data for NAFLD yet they also do not raise alarm bells for the diagnosis. They will provide eating advice, they will provide support groups. But once again you will not go to their sites and be alarmed by this diagnosis.

Drug companies tend to provide funds for research grants and tend to sponsor them. You can’t blame them, if they can create a drug which will solve a health care crisis they want to be on the cutting edge of that research. The thing about the Liver is that most treatments are natural they are not drug related. Most drugs have a warning label telling you to not use if you have liver disease. Your liver has to break drugs down, so if the liver is already compromised another drug is NOT likely to help it heal, its likely to cause further breakdown in the liver as it tries to process ingredients in the drug.

When Terri went to the Emergency room at the end of her life , the ER doctor was SHOCKED to hear that she was not on a liver transplant list. That ER doctor is one of the few out there who would likely NOT pat a patient on the head and send them home to eat better and exercise. If that doctor had been her primary care doctor the results might have been different, But by the time Terri found him it was too late, her liver was too far gone.

This is the case for some members in my Fatty Liver Disease Support Group on Facebook. They start investigating when they are in the final stages of Liver disease and come across my blog or my facebook group. They finally found someone who understands what they are dealing with but sadly all we can do is be their to support them and guide them the best we can.

If you search NAFLD and NASH early then we can help you change your diet correctly. Help you understand that this is not a race to lose weight its a change to natural eating, foods from gardens, and non GMO farms. Its getting back to basics and respecting your body.

Your liver is the only organ in the body that can fully regenerate itself. It takes time but if you want to get healthy we can be there to support that journey.

If you or anyone you love is dealing with stomach aches and exhaustion, have their doctor run a full liver panel as part of the yearly phsyical or request it at any time. Get to know your AST and ALT numbers and your goal is to have less of these enzymes being in your blood stream.

Search for Michelle Clermont on Facebook London Ontario picture of my dog, or search for Fatty Liver Disease Support Group and request to be added to the group.

Please learn from Terri’s story… this is your life take control!

Ignite Health Ontario I – 2 days to go!! Get your Tickets!

I can not believe that Ignite Health Ontario I will happen in 2 days! A thought from my brain that was triggered thanks to Ignite London will materialize in a public event to help people listen to their bodies and start taking accountability for its success. We have amazing speakers that I am proud to get on stage. Jim Mills – Former London Knights Captain, impacted by Guilles – Barres Syndrome and now running the Smile Epidemic! Lisa Merriam – 20 years old and sharing her story of mental illness and how she is fighting every day to raise awareness and diminish the stigma, Blair Rymer will teach us all some base yoga moves and we all get to participate. You will get a chance to learn about and sample Kiki Natural Maple Sap beverage! You will learn why you should consider a chiropractor, a reiki treatment, or a nutritionist. You will learn from Emory Ediger how it feels to move into a nursing home and feel alone and how you can turn that around. You will hear Megan Clermont tell her story of how she has moved from living a life of chronic illness where she spent most of her time isolated and alone as a teenager to now being a thriving busy teenager who fights back against her illness. You will learn about the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution and what my role is as ambassador and what the plans are for 2013. We will have a great presentation on Getting to know your farmer, eating local and watching out for GMO’s ! Have you ever heard of Shamanic Healing? Me neither but we will learn what that can offer for your spirit, Have you considered Hypnosis to deal with challenges like smoking, weightloss, insomnia? We will get a chance to explore new ideas there too! We have all presentations ready to go, we have 2 videographers volunteering their time, we have 3 volunteer photographers, we have a projector, we have a podium, we have snacks and beverages too. Now all we need is you to come and take a seat and listen to these presenters and walk away with one new idea to help you be a better healthier you! . Contact Michelle Clermont 226-234-4006 for more details