Body Care Products and your Liver – Which common chemicals are dangerous How lotions are impacting your liver and alternates to body lotions.

I have known and basically ignored that not only does Alcohol, food, medications impact our livers negatively but so do products we put on our body. I have ignored it because well I had already made my teenage daughter miserable by getting rid of any FUN foods. She loves Bath and Body Work products, the scents make her feel pretty and make her happy. I was not prepared to tell my daughter that now you can ‘t have these products due to your liver!

But reality is that the perfumes and chemicals in all body care products are soaked in through your skin and are sent to your liver to process. Things as simple as Deoderant can cause incredible damage to your body. As an adult with sensitive skin I know that many cosmetics will dry my face out, cause rashes and pimples. I know that using facial cleansing wipes can sting my face. If that is what it is doing on the outer layer of my skin I can only imagine what the liver and other organs are feeling.

I have asked my friend Lisa Smith Morgan who runs a holistic spa to manage this page and share information with you about alternate products and products to avoid. There are ways to make most of these products in your home with simple household products. Her Spa is Serenity on the Humber This will be on our new website :

I can’t possibly be an expert in every area that impacts the liver, there is no way that the patients that are contributing to this website can possibly have every skill needed to help Liver patients. So I will bring in people I trust and get their knowledge to you so that you can protect your liver and be gentle to yourself!

Welcome to Lisa Smith Morgan!


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