What Cooking Oils do you use? are they SAFE?

Cooking oil safety, there are so many that are making us sick! We have been tricked by so many corporations telling us things are heart healthy and good for our bodies and things to avoid that are blatant lies. This is another shocking reality that most of us have no idea about. Please read this article and then throw out any seed oils or veggie oils and all margarines! …buy coconut oils and real butter! use olive oil to mix in AFTER cooking not during cooking. Lots to learn in this article. I have to get rid of Canola oil in my house and look into getting something to replace it. I will have to stop using olive oil to cook as well. I already avoid Margarine like the plague! Its all plastics nothing is really natural in that! When will corporate america start caring about our health versus just the bottom line!

This journey into learning about Fatty liver disease has shown me such a scary side of corporate america!


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Is Anything here Healthy?


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