Terri lost her battle with Fatty Liver Disease

She had just turned 55 in August. She to was one of the patients who were patted on the head and though they didn’t say “you’ll be fine ” instead they said ” okay well lets see you in two more weeks after we give this new medication time to take affect for one of many other factors that was not nearly even a fraction to the real issue of a fatty liver. Yes we did find out that she had been diagnosed in may 2011. However NEVER WERE WE ONCE TOLD ABOUT IT/THE DEPTH if it or YET TREATED FOR IT OTHER THAN THE BASIC COMMON SENSE OF GENERAL HEALTH THAT IS APPROPRIATE FOR THE HUMAN BODY.

So we went about having the impression that she was back to being better . for the most part–(in the meantime she had suffered from a stroke and a mild stroke). Still no treatment or even depth on this liver situation being a key factor to her decline. My mom was my best friend , and we were inseparable. I would do anything for her – and that’s why I agreed to hospice the three last days before her death. She wanted to just come home. I was Still under the impression that she could graduate out of care possibly. In reality at that point I knew it was the last thing I could do for the only person who gave me life. She wanted to not hurt any more. Going to the Emergency Room I was asked within 6 minutes of speaking to the dr info about her transplant status. I froze and could not speak. Terrified- by the fact that we were in an illness/disease in which that could of and should have been an issue from day one .If, in fact it was going to be neglected up to the last week of her life. i explained all i knew, had done, all that i felt and also the despair my mom had been denied. she was baffled by the lack of information . Not only our situation was limited but at that point even all procedures and even iv meds/saliene fluid was very minimal. due to her blood pressure dropping below 60 and under. It was painful and for years she hurt and it always was present yet none of us knew the depth or seriousness. We had just gotten used to dealing with how to ease it. This did not always come though. The doctors are pretty good about helping pain management and perscribing a good supply of drugs that half of, she didnt take or need. This didnt help or impair her liver issue. she had a handful of dr”s and yet the order was written for an abundance of MRI and catscan a and blood work and ultra sound and digital image scans of her body in all areas . Only once she was filmed for the lower back in which then I asked to also take images of her abdominal area. Then we had the actual depth of our situation. Still nothing on reversible measures or how and what we had to look forward to. So MUCCH of this I could go on about for maybe the rest of my life. No let me rephrase that : I know that there are many patients that get left behind. Insurance isn’t always a factor either. It is a great help but what I’m saying is sometimes the unfinished business that our mothers, family friends, neighbors and, even those next to us on the street ; get left behind is due to the whole health care / pharmasudicles industry. Yes we all are aware of coverage issues determining our health for sure. So take it upon yourself to really listen to what their not saying. Then do your own research. Now I’ve done some and it came much to late for my mama Terri. However the best treatment you can truly do for the body is learn it. seriously consider your diet and make your body your temple. if you want to live and not die finding out just how terrible the premature preventable and sad horror is then u i know will consider my plea. im sorry for those who found out too late and I’m sorry for those who simply didn’t find out.
And to Michele , my heart is fully in your search to get the very best for your daughter. I’m also a mother of of two girls not much difference in age and I can only expect that every child will get a long lived and beautiful life that is bombarded by happiness, joy, beauty, knowledge, privilege and love and compassion. I know that your family will see her do very well in life and go through it thankful for your strength and courage to take great concern so seriously and graciously genuine. To all of you who read this please know my mother was one of the littlest headstrong and increadibly caring for others first -ladies known.

she was the one everyone wanted to resemble. many really did. she had talent, skill, smarts and a knack for the best crafting/decorating most had ever seen. she always was requested for her stage presence and eye to create. A cool lady for sure. she had other journeys to travel and i know she will be missed more than life itself. ALWAYS a GIVING, loyal, and good hearted person. Please ask questions and go to the library for your answers. This I know now will be a disease that has other long living options if it is fully taken charge over. Best of health to you readers!


4 thoughts on “Terri lost her battle with Fatty Liver Disease

  1. RIP In Terri… Thinking of the family. And Michele we all know how hard you work to be an advocate for us. And the disease is getting so much more attention then when I developed it. Thank you for your passion. Hugs- Alina

  2. RIP Terri, I am sorry to read your story Michele, I too lost my mom to liver disease just before Christmas 2011, my mom had just turned 58 and her nash had progressed into a cirrohoses. I miss my mom dearly and I surely feel you’re sadness when I read your story. It’s very frustrating. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Hugs – Lisette xx

  3. The healthy liver regulates fat metabolism and is the major fat-burning organ in the body. Indeed the healthy liver not only burns fat, it can pump excessive fat out of your body through the bile into the gut.

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