Kiki Maple Sweet Water – Amazing new natural sweet beverage!

Come on out to Ignite Health Ontario I on October 24th to sample this amazing new sweet beverage from nature!!!


KiKi Maple Sweet Water,


A traditional rural spring beverage has been released to the whole/health food market for year round enjoyment!


KiKi Maple Sweet Water, which is produced by Troll Bridge Creek Inc., Arthur, Ontario, is a one ingredient drink and that ingredient is pure maple sap drawn directly from the tree.  For those of you who don’t know about the maple sap, it is the clear sweet liquid that is harvested from the maple tree each spring of the year.  This liquid is then boiled until it becomes maple syrup.  To make 1 litre of syrup approximately 40 litres of sap is used.


Tree sap has been used in traditional folk medicine  in North America, Korea and Northern Europe for 1000’s of years.  Troll Bridge Creek Inc. has been able to bottle this beneficial liquid so that it can be enjoyed year round. 


Not only is this a refreshing drink, to be enjoyed on those hot summer days, KiKi Maple Sweet Water has many nutritional benefits. Maple sap, with over 80 nutrients, is a natural way to replenish the body’s electrolytes after the morning jog, bike marathon or hot yoga session. There are many essential minerals in maple sap including calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc. 


Some other Nutritional information:

  • 64 Anti-oxidants, Anti -radical, Anti-inflammatories, Anti-mutagens, Anti-carcinogens
  • Therapeutic levels of Abscisic Acid, which will improves the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes


Senior Citizens understand all about maple sap and when they take that first sip their smiles and the look in their eyes make all this effort worthwhile.  Another interesting reaction is from the youth, who have embraced KiKi Maple Sweet Water like no other generation.  Memories of their school’s field trips to the sugar bush are triggered by the subtle maple taste.  Sweet memories…


Unfortunately many of the family sugar bushes are falling into disuse.  The ageing farm population can no longer keep up to the physical and economical demands of the boiling process (sugaring off).  The maple sap is very unstable and must be boiled down almost immediately to syrup, this means that the process goes on non-stop for 24 hours a day for days.  The typical season is a six week of harvest.  Bottling the maple sap bypasses this expensive, labour intensive work.  It is hoped that more sugar bushes will be brought back on line to meet the demand for this refreshing drink. Once again providing the first harvest income of the season.  Although maple syrup is also very good for you, 75% of the Anti-oxidants are denatured by the boiling process.


Currently there are 6  maple sap based beverages available, the original KiKi Maple Sweet Water, KiKi Lemon Ginger, KiKi Lemon Mint, KiKi Blueberry, KiKi Cranberry, KiKi Strawberry and New yet to be released KiKi Lemon!


Smoothies, herbal teas and rice all made with KiKi beverages retain the goodness that has been provided by nature.


Visit the Troll Bridge Creek Inc. Website to learn more about this product and the nearest location where you can purchase these amazing beverages.

Check out our YouTube Videos as well




Keith and Lorraine Harris,

Owners of Troll Bridge Creek Inc.


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