Ignite Health is building steam!

I am off and running to create my next event in London Ontario! Ignite Health was given more space in my thoughts after I presented at Ignite London in July and I told the audience about my plans to make a difference in London Ontario with The Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador role I have and by starting Ignite Health.

I had Katy, Christian, Tanya and Pam all approach me after my speech to tell me that they want to be part of this event. I met with Timothy who is involved in the Ignite London event and he shared his ideas and support for the idea of Ignite Health.  I have had meetings with a number of people to pull together ideas for sponsorship, speakers, location, date, video, and photography!

Here is what I have determined so far!

1. The event will be on October 24, 2012. This also happens to be FoodDay2012 in the United States.  This will be a great alignment of ideas!!

2. The pillars of this event will be the following topics.

Food – For Farmers, Cooks, Researchers, Nutritionists to share their knowledge about food!

Exercise – For Athletes, trainers, to guide us into exercise concepts to strengthen our ability to deal with stresses.

Mental – For counsellors, advocates, to expand our knowledge and understanding of things that impact mental health

Spiritual – For coaches, guides to provide us ways to keep our spirit calm and strong.

Practitioners – For any practitioner that feels they can raise awareness of their services. Osteopath, Chiropractors, Naturopath, and more!

3. I plan to have a total of 10 talks in each Ignite Health event. 2 for each pillar , to create balance to help people to raise awareness of multiple ways they can improve their health! 

4. A slightly different format for the Ignite Health events.

We will start with a physical or mental exercise to get us ready and open to the ideas provided by our speakers.

We will wear name tags so that we can connect and network more effectively.

The talks will be 5 minutes in length and 20 slides that will automatically advance every 15 seconds.  For Speakers this is a true challenge and I would suggest you look at this as an elevator speech. You are introducing you, the idea, and why people should care!

So the presentations will run for about an hour in total. we will take a break in the middle to allow for thoughts to process.

After the speeches we will have 60 minutes of networking time. There will be healthy snacks available and the speakers will be asked to plan to stay at the end of speeches to allow audience members to ask questions or to find more information out about your topic. Speakers will be provided a small table to provide data to attendees.

To support the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution I will be sure to introduce the ambassador program and where it is headed at our first event!

I have been asked if I would be interested in having guests post on my blog. I think its a great idea and I will allow topics that fall into the 5 pillars of Ignite Health. So if you have something to share that will help people manage their health naturally then I will consider sharing your story on my blog.

I will say that I will NOT be providing a forum for Supplements , or anything that offers a quick fix. This is about a commitment to eating foods from the earth, from things that walk the earth and things that swim in the ocean.  This is about you taking ownership for your health and listening to your body for the clues it provides!

Any idea that is spoken about or written about in my blog is not to be taken as gospel. Please speak to your doctor, or practitioner to make sure that the idea will not cause other problems for you. Always know that every change you make will take time and commitment. You will feel worse before you feel better and you need to be patient and ignore the path of least resistance. If you are STILL feeling worse instead of better after 6 weeks then this is your body saying PLEASE STOP!. Listen to your body and try something else!

My First Guest blogger will be Jim Rollince , Jim is the head of creative writing for Gym Source out of New York city. He will provide insight into exercise for healthy living!  I am looking forward to sharing Jim’s post with your tomorrow or Thursday!

Thanks to all the amazing folks who are finding my blog when they search for healthy living and are taking the time to comment or email me. I will make this a much bigger and better blog with the addition of the 5 pillars of Ignite Health!

Take Care of YOU!


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