Waiting to Breath! Megan fainted…

It was a beautiful Wednesday in London Ontario, I had a pleasant walk with Toby in the morning and laughed at his efforts to get the squirrel that had just teased him and went up a tree. I got to the office and things were quiet, settled in with my green tea and decided to contact Koworks London about doing monthly workshops on reading labels, designing grocery lists and the health implications in our grocery stores. I was making progress on many things and felt good that I had come out of my rut.

My phone rang at 11:40 a.m. Megan sounded out of breath on the other side and she said mom I just fainted. I asked how she knew that she had and she said she just got up from her bedroom floor where she had been putting her clothes on. Megan has not fainted since 2010.  I asked how she was feeling now and she said the dreaded word dizzy.  This is the word that strikes a nasty feeling in my gut.

Megan spent 10 months in a wheelchair due to Extreme Vertigo that no medical doctor could explain. The experience that we had during this time in the medical community destroyed any faith I had in doctors. The only doctor that took this seriously was the ear specialist who did full testing in her ears to ensure there was nothing triggering the vertigo.

Megan was put on Anti depressants and told this was all in her head. I took her off the anti depressants and we focussed on making her diet extremely clean and osteopathy. These were the things that made the difference. No doctor ever did.

I talked to Megan into the afternoon and the dizziness was replaced with light headedness. She has no idea if she had a seizure before she fainted or how long she was out for. Thats unknown and will remain that way. I took her to the walk in clinic last night and had her blood pressure and ears tested. Both were clear, this is such a familiar feeling. Nothing that doctors test for Megan comes back with a clear diagnosis. Everything with Megan is always gray.

So today I am holding my breath, waiting for her call, wondering if the light headedness has gone away, wondering if she is dizzy, wondering if she fainted again. If this happens again today I will take her to the hospital tonight for another checkup and any tests they need to do.

After work today I already have one appointment for Megan. She has finally admitted that she would like to talk to someone about her fears and concerns. I am happy that Megan has asked for this help as she gets frustrated with me getting upset about her health. This is her pain, this is her insomnia, this is her not being able to go to school and having no social life. I just hate seeing my child suffer like this. I will also start some counselling to help me cope with the constant roller coaster ride that this brings to our life.

I can’t escape the fear that this is the hint that she is headed back to extreme vertigo. That thought scares me so much. I can’t imagine another long period in a wheelchair for Megan. My 3 storey townhouse certainly does not make sense for us if she has this again.  I have to keep reminding myself to thoughts of now and not thinking too far ahead. But the memory of the time in the wheelchair does not want me too.

I made an appointment for Megan to see an osteopath in London in April. This is a good step regardless of whether the vertigo returns or not. I will keep moving forward no matter what the outcome is for Megan, but I sure could use your thoughts and strength for Megan to fight this!







One thought on “Waiting to Breath! Megan fainted…

  1. I would say first and foremost that although it is nice to have validation from our doctors it is not necessary to know when things are off in our own bodies so never allow yourself or your daughter to question your sanity just because it can’t scientifically be explained. The second thing I would offer is continue to document things as they happen so you will know what to expect in the future for yourself or others this gives us less anxiety the next time around. And last but not least give yourself and your daughter grace. Grace to make room for frustrations, hurts and be emotional when necessary for your sanity. Love you and pray for you both often…please keep me posted 🙂

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