Easter Food Drive Challenge to You!

I sent the following email to my company today and I challenge you to do the same in your business:

A reminder that I would love to see us make an effort to focus on bringing in healthy foods for the food bank this Easter. The patrons at the food bank are at extremely high risk of chronic illness due to the chemicals and additives in processed foods. Sadly processed foods are also much cheaper for them to buy on their own and most of what is given to them at the Food Bank. I would suggest the following foods for our contributions.


Gluten Free packaged items. – Generally they are lower in chemicals and you can understand the ingredient list.


PC Blue Menu items

Low or No sodium chicken, Beef, Vegetable broth

Brown Rice Pasta

Whole wheat Pasta

Brown Rice

Organic peanut butter

Unsalted almonds, Pecans, Walnuts

Green  and Herbal Teas

Organic Pancake mix

Flax Seed

 Ensure that items do NOT contain Glucose/Fructose. This is now proven to be a dangerous addiction in our society and many manufacturers are putting it into products that you would never expect to find it.  It is proven to be contributing factor to Metabolic Syndrome which causes Insulin resistance and leads to diabetes, Fatty Liver Disease, Heart Disease, Kidney disease, Thyroid Disease, and Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Currently these disease are impacting 1 in 3 north Americans and it is not only obese citizens being crippled with chronic illness.

I know of 2 men in their 30’s who died in December due to Fatty Liver disease. My own daughter was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease in 2008 and it is impacting kids as young as 2. Women who have this damage to their liver are advised by their doctors not to get pregnant, this can cause your baby to be born with the disease, you actually run the risk of Acute Fatty Liver disease in last trimester which could kill the mother and the baby.

The issue is serious and the lower the amount families spend on groceries the more they have to rely on cheap processed foods. I know a single dad who can only spend 100 a month on groceries for him and his 2.5 year old daughter. I am helping him to figure out ways to improve the groceries that he is buying for them but at 25 a week that is not easy to do.  I personally spend 100 a week for my daughter and I. Even we get stuck buying some of the cheaper items when things are tight

If we start here, I hope to build this momentum and get more in the business community to start donating the right foods.

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