Risks of Pregnancy with a Fatty Liver!

I am a strong advocate for people to go to their doctors and have an annual blood test to ensure your liver enzymes are within reasonable levels. I believe in prevention and becoming aware of this epidemic.

Recently in the support group I run on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/fattyliversupport/ someone asked  if anyone had gotten pregnant with the fatty liver disease. A few woman had but almost all of them had been warned by their hepatologist that this was a very dangerous thing to do.

1. The risk of giving your baby a fatty liver while in your womb is high. The risk that a healthy baby will also grow up to have a fatty liver is also high.

2. Acute Fatty Liver occurs rarely but it can happen http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acute_fatty_liver_of_pregnancy.  This is killing women and baby in childbirth and is very scary.

So wow this makes this quiet disease even more important for you to pay attention too. If you are considering getting pregnant , please get a full physical with a test for liver disease. If your result is that you have a fatty liver , you need to take advantage of this organ which can regenerate cells and you can reverse the disease.  here are my suggestions:

1. Reverse the disease by eating lots of green vegetables, lean proteins, a few fruits, a few low glycemic grains, and unsalted nuts for fats.

2. Stop eating processed or fast food.

3. Drink lots of Water, and herbal teas, do not drink soda pop or sugar based juices.

4. Use high quality supplements that are based in scientific proof.

Go for the blood test every 6 months until your liver enzymes are low.

Once your liver enzymes have  been clean for 1 year i would consider risking pregnancy.

It is critical for you and your developing baby that you eat healthy throughout the pregnancy and throughout the time you breastfeed your baby.

You do not want to risk giving your  baby this disease through your body or your breastmilk.

Once you have this baby commit to protecting your child from this disease by staying away from processed foods make your own baby foods or at least buying organic foods from a trusted source. Do not let them eat chicken nuggets, kraft dinner or any other convenient foods. Foods need to be homemade and full of healthy goodness for life!

Please consider this information and share with anyone who might be considering pregnancy. This is important and we need to stop this epidemic now!


13 thoughts on “Risks of Pregnancy with a Fatty Liver!

  1. My biggest fear is that I may have passed this on to my son. I didn’t know that I had a liver disease until after pregnancy. When I was 36 wks I was admitted for High Blood Pressure and Protein in my Urine but was sent home because my bloodwork came back negative when tested for pre-eclampsia. I was admitted again at 37 wks with the same problems and again almost sent home but they decided to induce me. Delivery was great but the recovery not so much. I ended up having pain that started in my chest down my right side to my back. They thought it was gas and after numerous drugs and nothing working they rushed me down for a CT scan. I ended up in ICU with a surgical team on hand in case. I had a hematoma on my liver…or at least thats what they were calling it. One dr would say one thing another something else. It wasn’t till my follow up ct scan that it came back thinking I had metastatic disease (cancer). I then went for an MRI which confirmed the same thing. I then went for an angiogram cause they had to make sure it wasn’t my blood vessels as they were afraid of bleeding if we did a biopsy. That came back fine. So then the liver biopsy..which came back severe fatty liver with the start of cirrhosis. Wasn’t even told I had NASH just saw it written on follow up ct scan orders. Its been a battle for 4 years now and being told just to lose weight. Since then they’ve also told me I have hepatic adenomatosis and they DON’T KNOW WHY….so then I’m sent to a genetics doctor now and they are trying to figure out the cause and reasons etc (besides being overweight). After reading things on another site I never thought that it could be passed on to my son and if he has to go through this because of me, I don’t know what I’ll do. What I don’t understand is how come from that ct scan I had at the hospital they didn’t mention a fatty liver just the hematoma. UGH so damn frustrated with this all.

  2. Hi I am currantly 37 weeks pregnant and when I was about 28 weeks I was admitted to hospital with pre term labour. I had many different doctors come see me and was also transferred to another hospital with a nicu just to be safe. At this hospital one of the doctors told me that the tests I had done at my normal hospital came back with me having a faty liver. Nothing else has been said or done. Should I be concerned?

    • Rachel sorry for delay my daughter has a broken foot and haven’t been on much. Yes i would suggest you be careful with what you eat through the remainder of your pregnancy and if you breast feed through out that time too. So no processed food would be the most important suggestion and try to avoid GMO products if you can. I hope the preganancy goes smoothly and you have a healthy baby without a liver that is preexposed to the almost food products on our shelves now. Sadly babies are now being born with a fatty liver if moms eat too much junk during pregnancy. big hugs to you!!

    • Hi there if you are on facebook check out our group i have about 5 pregnant women in there who are being very careful with their eating through their pregnancies to have healthy happy babies even with a fatty liver. Its really all about making the right choices when you know your liver is compromised.
      Fatty Liver Disease Support Group (NAFLD and NASH)

  3. I’m desperately trying to join. The fb group and it tells me I cannot request to join because I don’t have permission!

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