My Daughter my Angel Megan

My amazing daughter Megan continues to make me realize how very special she is and that I must have done something right with her.

In 2010 Megan was in a wheelchair due to extreme vertigo. this was in addition to extreme menstrual bleeding and the impact of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. This would be a great reason to feel sorry for yourself and of course she had lots of moments of that! She was 13 years old and wanted desperately to walk for her Grade 8 graduation and to be at school with her friends in this special year.

Megan completely surprised me when she mentioned that she wanted to donate her hair for kids with cancer. Since Megan was a little girl hairdressers have marvelled at her hair colour with gold, brown, red, blond strands. Her hair is thick and beautiful naturally and Megan knew that if a sick kid was losing her hair in radiation treatments, that that sick kid might smile when she was given a wig made out of megans hair.

That Megan could see that other kids were sicker than her, that she could empathize that losing hair would be devastating to a little girl made my soul sing.

I did something right with my kids. I have always empathized with others who were struggling more than I was. In fact remembering others have things worse than me is a core value I hold dear. It keeps me from hitting bottom. You can always find someone who has it worse that you do!

I had that reinforced on Saturday when Megan once again chose to cut off 10 inches of her beautiful hair to donate to kids with cancer.

Megan now has a cute Bob haircut , its sassy and fun! I chose to go for a short hair cut to help Megan with the “I don’t want to look like my mother stage!” I have had short hair many times and I like it! As a matter of fact now that we are starting to go to the gym I know that the short hair will make that easier too!

Megan might not grow it out again right away, but I know in my heart she is not done giving! 

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