My Daughter’s Angels – Sheryl Rooth and EZROCK 97.5

A few weeks ago I came up with the idea to approach the John Labbat Centre to consider using my 15 year old daugher Megan as a reviewer for the Simple Plan concert on February 20th. This concert contains 4 bands that Megan loves. Marianas Trench, All Time Low and These Kids Where Crowns. Megan leans toward the indie bands and finds many of them via youtube. I wrote a blog asking JLC to consider making megan smile with a simple plan and they retweeted that blog so I felt confident that this could work.

As the week continued a large number of twitter followers read the blog and retweeted their support for Megan getting these covetted free tickets and having the chance to to sit in amazing seats to blog about this dream experience for her. Some people tweeted the message directly to JLC and others tweeted it to Simple Plan directly.

JLC informed me on Monday evening that Megan would not qualify to be a JLC reviewer for a number of reasons.

1. She needed to have a blog of her own

2. She needed strong social media presence and influence

3. She needed to be the one who was getting people to suggest her as the reviewer.

I told Megan about the results and she told me it was ok, thanked me for trying and she appreciated my efforts for her.

One of my twitter friends Denise Testa sent a message to JLC saying that Megan has her vote. I replied it did not look like the JLC would be allowing Megan to be the Reviewer. I thanked her for trying.

Within the next 30 minutes I had a twitter debate happening about whether JLC was right in saying No to the request for Megan. There were a lot of strong emotions that this seems more like a popularity contest within the twitter community versus giving that role to someone like Megan.  They wanted to see tickets given to a TRUE fan, Megan qualifies. All 4 of the bands have high counts on her Itunes list! She has every cd that All Time Low has created and she follows them on youtube. She loves These Kids Where Crowns and has all of their songs on her itunes! Marianas trench has cracked the top 20 list on her itune playlist thanks to their most recent CD that surprised her! and Simple Plan has been a favorite since she was a little girl!

Megan deserves a special day, I feel that deeply in my heart and I hate that I am a single mom with a lack of spare income to spend on concert tickets, or getaways for us. It is the reality in this economy and the increasing prices of groceries, and the fact we added a puppy to our life in July also added expenses. Spare money or savings are a pipe dream at this point and I hope that my advocacy for Fatty Liver Disease Awareness will start to bring in some extra funds so that I can afford to even just get her supplements, and be able to buy only the best quality foods. For now I make do, I find sales, I buy minimum requirements but I know that if I had the money I would be able to help Megan so much better!

Megan has been sick since 2008 with this disease and she does not have a life outside our home. She can’t go to school due to being vulnerable to every cold and flu . She doesn’t recover from those colds and flus like you and I do. It takes triple the time!

Sheryl asked me to email her directly and I was not sure why the request was made but I went ahead and emailed Sheryl. She asked about Megans condition and told me she worked for a local radio station and that she wanted to ask the promotions department if they could arrange tickets for Megan to see this show. I thanked her for the effort and I told her we moved to London in July and that Megan is 15 with no friends in London. Megan is home schooled and that is a lonely existance. Her happiness comes from Glee, Classic Movies, Musicals, and indie bands! She has started using Tumblr and she is loving that there are so many other Glee fans out there for her to talk too. This is the first social media tool that has been an addiction for her!

I didn’t have high expectations that this would happen for Megan via a radio station and I got an early morning tweet from Sheryl asking me to check my email!

The promotions department heard Megans story and agreed she deserves to be at this concert!  I almost cried in my chair at the office! I was so excited! I told the guys I work with and they were so excited for Megan too! I asked Sheryl what Radio Station she worked for so that I could make sure my radio station was permanently set to them! When she told me EZRock 97.5 I was thrilled because this was already my station in London! 

I called Megan to let her know about the tickets! She squealed on the phone and asked me to wait while she posted that she got them on Tumblr! One of her followers was in a classroom and actually cheered outloud in the class when they saw the post! Megan was on cloud nine! I felt so happy and so appreciative to Sheryl and to EZRock!

I promise that I will be taking pictures and videos of Megan singing every song and getting so excited to be there. I will blog about this incredible act of kindness and generosity from EZ Rock every chance I get! I will thank Sheryl for asking for the rest of my life.

I never forget people that pay it forward and you can be sure I will pay it forward too!


Thank you!!


Michelle and Megan!




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