Carbs ruling my life

I have been researching fatty liver disease and its causes and ways to improve symptoms for almost 4 years. In that time I have written many blogs with new ideas and concepts that catch my interest. I don’t want to discount the concepts of Low Glycemic eating, or lots of fruits and veggies, but I have learned that it is best for those with Fatty Liver Disease to limit grains and fruit.

2 weeks ago I would have told you that it was good for the liver to eat brown rice, brown rice pasta, spelt bread and steel oats. I would have told you to enjoy your fruit and a bowl of steel oats with a side of berries with a glass of lemon water would have been a perfect breakfast. Then I saw the videos on Youtube from Merritt Wellness and a lightbulb went off. Every Carbohydrate we eat is converted to a sugar. This has been just on the edge of my mind poking me to pay attention and I have ignored it knowing how drastically it would change my thinking.

So if every 4 carbohydrate = 1 teaspoon of sugar then reducing carbs makes a lot of sense!

But looking at my life with my daughter this will be a huge shift in our eating.

She eats rye toast with peanut butter for breakfast

She eats a wrap filled with lean meat and veggies for lunch.

We eat brown rice, brown pasta or potatoes with dinner every night. Lean Meat and veggies to balance the plate.

Snacks are organic or gluten free.

She is allergic to Egg  – eliminates many breakfast choices

Fruit needs to be limited due to the sugar content.

No grain for breakfast . Wow what is left that she will actually eat!

She doesn’t like breakfast as a rule due to her limitations.  When we want it to be special I will make Spelt pancakes with organic maple syrup. Maybe some peameal bacon or fruit on the side. This is clearly a disaster even though I thought I was doing a good thing for her!

Lunch I guess she will need to stick with salads or veggie soups.  with a side of protein. This will not be easy for her!

Dinner Protein and Veggies and forgo the rice , pasta or potatoes. This will take some doing!

Snacks need to be unsalted nuts, veggies and a few fruits trying to limit fructose to 15g a day even from natural sources.

How do I explain this requirement to my 15 year old who takes comfort in the carbs. Gluten free cookies have been her saving grace.

For me I know it will also be a challenge but explaining this to her in reference to helping her health and reducing her weight is going to be my biggest challenge here!

Reminder to those with programs that can help, I am single mom with limited income and it would be almost impossible for me to invest in a program for Megan and I right now.

I need natural ideas that will allow a small level of  healthy carbs in the daily plan and 15g of  natural source fructose.  Sodium also needs to be reduced to protect her liver. So ideas please and thanks!!



2 thoughts on “Carbs ruling my life

  1. Ummm but ALL macronutrients: carbs, proteins & fats are ultimately converted into sugar in the body (glucose)… eventually. That is the ONLY nutrient that our cells can actually use for energy. We can’t actually use ‘protein’ or ‘fat’ as energy until they are converted into sugar..

    I will do some more research on fatty liver disease… My understanding was just weight loss following a low-fat, low-cal diet…

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