Making Megan Smile with a Simple Plan #jlcreviewer @jlc

Megan is 15 years old and has been sick for the last 3 years. That has meant she is home schooled and she deals with doctors more than any other type of person. We moved to London Ontario in July 2011 hoping that a fresh start for Megan would build her strength and her immunity and that has not happened.

Megan has Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease and this disease causes her to have on average 3 hours sleep per night. This in turn makes her exhausted and vulnerable to all colds and flus that are found in a school environment. Megan has extreme bleeding as part of an unpredictable constant menstrual cycle that leaves her anemic at times and always feeling dirty.

Making Megan smile is not easy. She is in the house 90% of the time. She has no friends in London Ontario because she has not been to school and because it is not easy for Megan to be social. I have been in touch with Big Brother and Big Sister of London and hope to find her an older mentor who will spend social time with her and hopefully build up her confidence. This could take up to 8 months and in the meantime i am hoping to give her other reasons to smile.

She would love to try musical theatre class, but that would cost 300 that i do not have for her. She would love to get to a musical in Toronto and I have bought tickets to Stratford in April to bring her to 42nd street. She loves Glee and every Tuesday night she squeals with joy when it starts. She loves alternative music and she loves classic movies. All time Low is one of her favorite bands and she loves Marianas new CD playing it over and over in her room. She loves Simple Plan and she has loved them for years.

She heard an ad on the radio for the concert Wednesday night and she sighed how badly she wanted to go to the concert. I told her to start listening to radio stations and see who might be giving tickets away to the concert at the JLC February 20, 2012. So far no one is, I assured her in February radio stations should start having contests.

Then Thursday night I remembered my experience as the #JLCREVIEWER for the Kings of Leon concert at the John Labbat Centre and how incredible that made me feel. I want more than anything to give my daughter Megan that experience for Simple Plan. John Labatt Centre has a great promotion where they choose 1 or 2 local citizens who have made efforts and gathered support from other citizens to attend the concert for free and to in return blog and review the concert for them.

I commit to blogging about the concert and getting my 15 year old to write a review as well. My blog will be about the excitement on her face and the her singing along to every song. If you could be so kind and to help my daughter get this experience it would mean everything to me!

All you need to do is follow me on Twitter Michelleclermon! Then tweet your support with hashtag #JLCREVIEWER to make megan smile with a simple plan @jlc.

Thank you for helping me make Megan Smile!


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