My first presentation on Fatty Liver Disease!

November 30, 2011 I walked into Aeolian Hall in London Ontario with my daughter Megan. I was nervous and hoping I could make an impact on an audience of over 100 local residents that are interested in hearing people speak about things they are passionate about. To say that I am passionate about Fatty Liver disease and raising awareness is an understatement.


My own  15 year old daughter has this disease and her life is essentially run by the symptoms.

I run a support group of approximately 200 people on Facebook, an incredible group of members that fight this disease , share their stories, share their successes and challenges on a daily basis. They look to me to be their leader to raise awareness and keep an eye on research. This is not always easy when you are a single working mother with a sick child.

When I first heard about Ignite London I emailed the coordinators with an idea to raise awareness about this epidemic. I wasn’t sure this qualified as an idea to improve London so I was surprised when I received the email that they were interested in my topic and wanted me to present.

Pulling together a presentation that would provide details in 5 minutes with such a large topic was not easy. I created 20 slides with what I felt were the most important messages that people needed to understand about this disease. I submitted the slides and then started thinking about how dry and boring this information would be to deliver. I knew that I needed to make an impact and started talking to friends about how I could deliver a presentation that people would not forget.

The first idea was to get products from the grocery store that actually have fructose in them. Fructose is now proven to cause NAFLD.

I found so many products with fructose-glucose in them that suprised me. I found baby formula, toddler biscuits, Vegetable juice, Vegetable soup, Healthy yogurt, Bran Cereal, granola bars, snack crackers, the list was endless. My daughter and I worked hard to cover all brand labels to ensure that I could not be sued for telling the truth!

Some facebook friends helped me decide that using a sponge would be a good analogy for a liver.  I went to the dollar store and got 3 sponges. I used wall paint to coat 1/4 of one sponge, I soaked another sponge entirely in paint and left one sponge clean. They represented the 3 primary stages of liver disease.

1st no damage and a healthy sponge – 70% of North Americans have this liver and their livers are working hard to remove toxins from the body effectively.

2nd sponge was 1/4 damaged. – 20% of North Americans have this liver and the liver is working overtime and starting to fail at removing toxins from the body.

3rd Sponge was fully damaged – Swollen, Not able to handle toxins. – 10% of North Americans get to this level and this level is the most dangerous for survival.

I took all my props and looked at my slides and realized I really couldn’t match them up and keep the presentation to 5 minutes.

I decided not to use the slides and to just let them run in the background while I talked to the props.

The result is posted below:

I see so many little problems and I will be cleaning this up and creating new slides that fit the props for the next time I do this one!

My next presentation in London will be on being kind to your liver. After that I want to do one to get people thinking about donating healthy foods to the Food Bank!


Onward and Upward I go! Spread this video and help me to raise awareness of this disease!




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