Why Jian Ghomeshi needs to choose NAFLD as his charity!



There is a huge drive to get Jian Ghomoeshi to come to Ontario Cities and do a live show from those locations. My city London Ontario is the city that started this drive and the efforts by twitter citizens has inspired me to an idea!

There are offers to provide Web sites, Videos , and funding to whatever charity Jian chooses. Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease is the disease I believe he truly needs to support.

You ask why?

1. When people think about Liver Disease they think of Alcohol, Drug addictions, Unsafe Sex and Tattooes

2. Because Drug Companies cannot generally resolve issues in the Liver they do not get behind this charity to raise funds or awareness. If you look at Cancer, MS, AIDS, Heart and Stroke Foundation and even Mental Health you will find that they run lotteries, they run HUGE fundraisers that make millions of dollars. That is directly related to an investment in research into Drugs that these companies make millions of dollars from.

3. NAFLD is an Epidemic that almost NO one is aware of! I mention it to people and they say whats that?

4. 30% of North American have this liver disease and its related to food we buy in grocery stores!

5. 6 Million Children have this disease from ages 2 – 18.

6. There is NO cure in drugs!

 7. This is PROVEN caused by High Fructose Corn Syrup! A number of studies support that!

8. Food Manufacturers will never stop using that as they rename it and create studies to claim its harmless.

9. I Find it in Baby Formula, Baby biscuits, Tomato soup, Bran Cereals, Yogurt, Granola, Vegetable cocktail. Its in soda, and juices and  tons of products that you would not expect it to be in!

10. The only choices to resolving this problem is to eat Healthy organic foods and drink lots of water and juice fruits and veggies to get the best nutrients. The liver is the only organ in the body that can be regenerate cells and repair itself. If you do not deal with this disease when its in early stages this can result in a need for transplant or death.

I need to get the word out via the Canadian Liver Foundation. I have to warn parents about what they are trusting from corporations that are actually poisoning livers! I have to make sure people have yearly blood tests to watch for any increase in AST/ALT numbers that show that toxins are being leaked into the blood stream from the liver. I need to make sure parents know NOT to ignore the stomach aches and exhaustion that makes your child seem lazy! It COULD be their liver!

If Jian can help me to get the word out via a Website, via awareness talks and via videos then I know I will make a critical difference and be informing the world of what they can do to avoid this terrible disease and its nasty impacts on life!


Please Jian, Come to London Ontario and help me get this started right!


Michelle Clermont

Fatty Liver Disease Advocate

Mother of 15 year old that is suffering.

Facebook Support group for those living with the disease

Twitter – Michelleclermon



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