New Kennel Cough in London Ontario EVEN if VACCINATED! , #LDNONT

Poor little Toby is my 6 month old labradoodle. He was immunized and protected from Kennel Cough so when an opportunity arose for my rambunctious puppy to spend 3 days a week with 20 other dogs on a farm playing I jumped at it! He has so much more energy than my daughter or I, spending the day on the farm provided us with a very sleepy puppy in the evening and a relief from his trying to get at anything that interests him in the house!

He has been going to the farm for 3 weeks and doing very well. We were getting a really muddy puppy home somedays and other days his fur filled with burdocks. We had laughs trying to get all the dirt and burdocks out of his fur but never regrets!

He had started eating regularily and eating all his food when he got his meals. He is now 44 lbs!

So Sunday night while I was trying to sleep I was really concerned when I heard Toby hacking like he was trying to get something out of his throat. It happened at least a dozen times and by the time I woke up Monday I knew I had to take him to vet. I worried he might have swallowed something that he could not clear from his airway. I went directly to my facebook and posted the symptom to ask if anyone had dealt with this before. I got clear advice to contact vet, and that it could be Kennel Cough or Bortadella. I was pretty certain Toby had been immunized against this, so why would he get it?

What I didn’t know was that Kennel Cough/Bortadella vaccine is just like the human flu vaccine. It can protect you from known strings of the virus but new unknown ones are not part of the vaccine.

So Toby had to sit in the car watching all the other dogs go in and out of the Vets office. They waited until there were no dogs in waiting room and a clear examination room that they could take him directly into.

Toby was excited and happy to see the vet and wanted to play as the vet did the examination. What we didn’t know was that there is a new strand of kennel cough in London and clinics are seeing 4 – 5 cases a day.

The vet gave him 11 days worth of antibiotic and coddeine for pain. During the day yesterday I pondered if i was overreacting, Toby had barely coughed during the day. By last night there was no doubt in my mind that this puppy is really sick. He coughed through the night , he would try to get comfortable to fall asleep and wake up hacking and throwing up a little bit of saliva. It was heartbreaking to listen to him, he so wanted to be close to me and he plopped down on me multiple times to try to sleep and had to jump off the bed and cough and find somewhere else to try to sleep. This went on through the whole night.

This morning he was lethargic and just watched me get ready for work from my bed. My daughter is home sick today and has been cleaning up spit spots all day. I so pray he gets some relief soon and the antibiotics start to help him.

If you live in London Ontario I highly suggest not taking dogs to off leash parks, daycares, training classes for now. This is highly contagious and if clinics are seeing 4-5 cases a day that will only increase!

I hope no one else has to go through this!!!



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