Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Steals a life at 48!

I am livid this morning, I am sad this morning, I am disappointed this morning.

My Liver group welcomed Melody Susie Teel to our group May 27,2011. In her short time we learned she was in the hospital more than she was at home. She was addicted to Coca Cola, and thought incorrectly switching to diet coke would help her liver. She had NAFLD she was 48 years old. She got sick in February and died yesterday July 25,2011.

5 months from diagnosis to passing away. There was not enough advice that we could give her, her body was shutting down due to her sick liver.

So to all the doctors that pat patients on the head and send them away with just lose weight and you will live a normal life, I say BULLSHIT!!

To all the doctors who say you should not experience any impact on your day to day life with this disease BULLSHIT!

My group members so often come in with confusion! They have taken the doctors advice and they are eating diet foods and trying to lose weight but they are not feeling better and they are not losing the weight!  Well that is because Corporate North America has found an easy way to trick us!

They know that we will trust them when they put LOW FAT, SUGAR FREE, on the label. We blindly pick up the package and we put it in our cart and move through the store picking up more and more packages with the glowing promise on the label.

If people turned over the package and read the label they might be more hesitant to trust. The low fat claim is TRUE! yeah!!! BUT BUT BUT!!! look at the sodium count….hmmm if I am only supposed to have 1500 mg of sodium in my day how can one product have 900 mg and not warn me!  hmmmm if I am supposed to keep my sugar count down…how on earth does a product have over 30 mg of sugar in a single serving. Yes its low fat, but look at the label, do you see fructose, aspartame, inunlin, modified corn starch, there are dozens of different names for processed sugar.  This is lethal to your liver! Do you see chemical names that you do not recognize? PUT THE PACKAGE BACK ON THE SHELF!!

You should be able to read the label and recognize the ingredients. Do not settle for less.

DO NOT LET CORPORATE AMERICA Kill you with DIET FOODS! They are just as dangerous as the fast foods that you KNOW to avoid!

Shop in the outer aisles, shop in the organic aisle READ THE LABELS!! SAVE your life, protect your compromised liver PLEASE!

I am frustrated and hate that we couldn’t help Melody. It was too late, her disease was too advanced. To all of you who are fighting this disease I hope that you will take this as a wake up call.

She was only 48 years old.

She was not an alcoholic

She was not a drug addict

She was not having unsafe sex.

She did not have hepatitis

She did not have cancer

She simply had Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease!


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