CNN takes notice of Fatty Liver Disease

There it is the article I have been waiting for since 2008. Dr. Michael Curry a hepatologist in Boston admits that 30% of North American have this disease. That is 6 MILLION people in North America. 80% have few or no symptoms, but the key is to find this EARLY. If you find it early you can change your lifestyle to ensure that the liver can regenerate new cells in the liver that are NOT fatty. Children as young as 4 have this disease.

If you are a parent, if you know a parent they NEED TO KNOW that feeding your child yogurt cups, granola bars, kraft dinner, hotdogs, pogo sticks and any other processed foods can overwhelm their liver early. My daughter was impacted by age 11.

Juice boxes, iced tea, sports drinks, pop or soda all add to this count. One of the key problems is High Fructose Corn Syrup, Our livers do not recognize this and treat it like its alcohol . SO essentially if you are eating this stuff or feeding your family these things as far as your liver is concerned you are an alcoholic!

If you do not find this disease early the longer term symptoms are terrible. I have a group on facebook with members who spend a lot of time in hospitals because they need a transplant and are waiting. While they wait they are dealing with extreme complications like muscle cramps, edema, brain changes that cause havoc in their lives and looks like alzheimers to the lay man’s eye.

Please have your blood tested, have an ultrasound if you or someone you love have repeating stomach aches, is overly exhausted, loses their appetite. Those can be early symptoms that are easily ignored. Your liver needs your help and I am writing a book right now that will help you with choosing the right foods for your liver and how to use them. Will be available as an Ebook this summer!

This will be the first in a series of books I will write to help people prevent, identify, deal with symptoms, deal with doctors, and assess supplements and medications that impact your liver.

I am a Fatty Liver Disease Consultant and advocate. I will be speaking, teaching , coaching and advocating for patients of this disease for the rest of my life on behalf of my daughter Megan!

Thank you CNN maybe next time you can make it more visible on your site!

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