Making a house a home

I am beyond and excited and looking forward to moving in 3 weeks. I am moving into a 3 bedroom town house in London Ontario. It is another rental and I will likely remain in rentals for the rest of my life. I know that doesn’t sound exciting at 43 years of age, but for me this will be my first home since 2004. Since 2004 I have dealt with unemployment, serious depression, a sick child and no safety in my life.

So each place we have lived has been a house. Nothing more. I have been in this 2 bedroom basement apartment for 5 years. The apartment is nice, the landlords family is wonderful and i felt at peace moving in. But I had moved down from a large house, to a smaller house, to a townhouse and landed in a basement apartment which felt like I had totally messed up my life.

In that 5 years I never put pictures up, I never fixed things, I didn’t keep it really clean, this was clear evidence of the sadness I felt about living in a basement like when I was in my early 20’s.

Moving into this home is my next step out of my darker years. I hope that it will bring Megan a healthier life, a more balanced life and I will provide her with a home.

We have so many new things with this move.

We have tons of windows, in the basement apartment we have lacked basic daylight for 5 years.

We have lots of rooms, in the basement apartment we have lived in 4 rooms, now we will have 8

We have not had a backyard. We will have a backyard where i can enjoy my coffee in the morning and get a bbq!

We have not had a dishwasher and all dishes are hand washed.   We will have a dishwasher

We have not had storage areas,  we have 2 pantries in the new kitchen , we will have a linen closet!

We have shared one bathroom and now we will have 3! I even have an ensuite in my bedroom!

We have a bathtub in our new house, We have only had a shower for 5 years.

We have had no privacy from each other, we love each other very much but we are always in the same room! Now we have options!

We have eaten on the couch because the kitchen is in the same area as the TV so it just became easier to eat on the couch, now we will eat meals at the kitchen table away from the distractions of the TV

We have a small garden in the backyard that we can grow some of our own veggies and plant some flowers.

We will have mail delivery to our door , we have been relying on the landlord to provide our mail when he gets it a few times a week.

We will have our own laundry machines, we have been sharing with the family upstairs for 5 years and often can;t do it because they are doing theirs.

There is nothing wrong with this apartment for someone starting out as a matter of fact I would highly recommend this family and this apartment for a young couple starting out.

I have felt like a failure by not having so many basic options in my life.

I will be putting pictures up, we will be painting, we will be making this town house our HOME!

I am so thankful for the security of my job, I am so thankful that I am writing books and blogs that are helping others. I am so thankful for so many blessings that have helped me get to this stage in my life and i will keep growing and making life better for me and those i love!!

Thank you






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