The Truth about Supplements

My friend and personal holistic coach put this article together to help me guide the fatty liver patients in their search for the perfect supplement.

Thank you Brandon!

There are hundreds of supplement companies and millions of supplements out in the market now. How can you decide what a valuable supplement for your body is? How do you know if you are using them correctly?  People are into supplements for two reasons:

1)      The person has a health concern that they have been educated that a supplement will help.

2)     The person is trying to make money selling supplements. They are a salesperson at heart and that is what you always have to remember. They will say what you need to hear about the supplement and promise it will help.

Let’s first talk about what supplements are, supplements are vitamin and/or minerals extracted from whole food, plants and/or another sources. They are made to supplement for a person who is not eating the natural source and make it more convenient for people to consume. This also can be because a doctor or health professional recommended a specific dosage to help with health concerns.

I personally believe supplements are needed when someone has a health challenge and can’t get access to the natural source. This should only be taken for a short period of time to help heal. People can over consume supplements and cause food sensitivities and digestion issues they can essentially become allergic to the supplement. This is the same supplement that was intended to help heal and resolve the health challenge in the first place.

If you have a health issue I always recommend you go to the root, eat the natural foods which contain complex nutrients in the right combination. Remember Mother Nature is not stupid and neither is our body.

The natural foods we consume have the correct amount of nutrients in the right dosages that we need. Our body is intelligent enough to metabolize exactly what we need through what we consume as long as we are eating healthy.

If the body doesn’t use the nutrients it either stores it for later or eliminates it. Nutrients in supplements will be used secondary to the nutrients through natural foods. So if you are getting enough naturally the supplement will be eliminated from your body unused.

Here are some recommendations if you have a health issue and are looking into supplementation:

1) Take the time to do the research, see if you can find a natural source of the supplement that you are being recommended

2) If you determine that you can’t get the nutrients naturally and you actually need to take a supplement

Don’t take it for long periods of time (no more than 30 days in a row). At this point you need to give your body a break from the supplement.

You need to give your body enough time to consume and metabolize the nutrients in the supplement.  Once this initial metabolizing has occurred, you can keep adding to the storage tank for 30 Days. After 30 days your body will start rejecting the supplement, and treat like an irritant. This can result in digestive issues, headaches, allergic reactions, or a whole host of other problems you do not need if you have health issues in the first place.

3) Ensure you work with a holistic coach who can coach you through the process of healing your unique body. Everyone is different and your needs will not be the same as the person next to you who is buying the same supplement. This is not easy and you shouldn’t try to do it alone.

For more information you can reach me at or call me at 905-290-1584

Love and Chi
Brandon Krieger
Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Professional Speaker



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