What are your Core Values?

This is Step 2 to defining your Legacy….. Please see other blogs under Coach category to see the plan and Step 1.

Core Values – Your core values are a hint into the things that you should keep in the back of your mind as you define goals.  Will your goals cause you to stop respecting your values. If the goals do that then they need to be reconsidered in a different light.

Now look at your life today:

What is your purpose in life?-

I defined my purpose as helping kids and teens deal with parents that are drug addicts, mentally ill , alcoholics. But if I looked at my life today… my purpose is to get my family to a place of safety and security. This will be completed once we have moved London.

What are your physical needs? 

 What things do you need to feel physically in order to feel balanced?I need sleep, I need energy, I need human contact, I feel tired so often I know I have Sleep Apnea , high blood pressure and other things starting to fall apart in me. So clearly i need to eat holistically and exercise consistently too!

What are your mental needs?

 Do you feel bored at times? What does your brain need to keep it well tuned? I am a thinker my brain is always processing moments, changes, details.  I actually NEED to meditate to calm my mind.

What are your time needs?

 I need more time to be able to book appointments, clean house and cook meals. I need at least another 2 hours a day.

What is your natural rhythm (morning or night?)

I think i am a morning person, but when i have been unemployed my cycle certainly pointed to a night person. So i am not sure what the true answer is for me.

What are your spiritual needs?

 I need nature, I need water, I need meditation.

What are your space needs?

 I need to come out of basement apartment, to feel i have enough space to have some privacy. A balcony or backyard and windows will improve things too!

What are your family needs?

 I need my children near, I need to feel the love of my grandparents, my aunt and my stepfather. They are my core family and what I need to stay balanced.

What are your cultural needs?

 I need to explore and accept my british and french heritage. My parents are not in my life and I have never truly accepted my culture due to the negative energy that my parents brought into my life.

What are your social needs?

I need to dance, I need to sing, I need to chat with friends regularly, that keeps me sane.

Respecting your core values will always keep you on the right path. Next up we will look at the various road blocks that stop us from moving forward with goals!


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