I am Moving to London Ontario!

As of April 20, 2011. I am a full time permanent employee for the first time in 9 years. This has been what I have held my breath for, this is what I have wanted for 5 years and have not been able to accomplish. I will be going to London Ontario next week to look at 4 rental units. I have decided officially we will move this summer. I needed this status and safety to move forward and this is the next step.

I know I will miss my dancing friends,I know I will miss having all my friends close, I know I will miss some of the men I have gotten to know. I will miss having my extended family close, and I will miss the family we have been living with for 5 years.

I will NOT miss traffic jams, higher cost of livings, I will not miss feeling like I am an outsider in my community, I will not miss living in a basement that I never truly made my own. I felt a sense of shame from moving down from the big house, to the smaller house , to the town house and then landing in a basement and still not being able to be financially secure. 

I will be moving back up to either a  3 bedroom apartment or 3 bedroom townhouse. I will have windows, a bath tub and a dishwasher. Those are my minimum requirements. I will be paying less for rent for those luxuries. My son will have a room of his own after only being able to sleep on the couch for the last 5 years when he visited.

I love the family we have been with for 5 years, they have been kind, patient, helpful and understanding when I had to delay rent as i scrambled to gather money to cover the basics. I love their dog Chewy, I will miss his anxious loving greeting every time he sees me. 

I will miss being able to turn to my aunt Pat to help megan with her tutoring needs

I will miss Brandon’s clinic being my support system

I will not like to find new doctors, new hair dressers ( yes will miss you Tammy) ,new stores, banks, new friends, new suitors, changing address , phone numbers and notifying all companies. I will hate packing and unpacking and the stress of moving day!

I will love clearing clutter created over 5 years, I will love having storage space, I will love having a balcony or backyard that is mine to escape too.

I will be greeted by my company office in london with open arms. I have already established friendships and good relationships with them!

I will love making London Ontario my home!


One thought on “I am Moving to London Ontario!

  1. Congratulations Michelle,

    I am so happy for you that you get a full-time job!

    I will always be here for you no matter where you are in the world. We always have Skype, Facetime…etc

    We will help find you an Osteopath in London to treat Megan as well.

    Big Hug!


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