What is my Legacy?

As I ask everyone to consider defining their 5 year plan I will break down the steps and challenges I encountered when I did it the first time. You will also be part of my definition of my new 5 year plan.

The creation of your Legacy means thinking of yourself in the long term. What mark will you have left on the earth when you depart. What will you be remembered for?

What is your Dream?  :

 I dream of a life of giving to others and being financially stable. ( be general here make it something realistic versus winning the lottery!) 

What makes you feel happy?

Seeing the look of happiness on others faces knowing I made a difference (always been true for me, maybe its playing music, maybe its building a business, maybe its something no one else will understand…. its yours to define)

 Do you have a sense of purpose?

This for me happened in 2003 at an event that Mark Victor Hansen was speaking at. He was talking about creating the chicken soup for the soul books and I knew what my purpose was. I had a huge lightbulb moment, i felt excitement in my heart, I had tears in my eyes. I knew I had to write a book that taught kids how to survive and thrive after living with parents that have mental illness, or addictions. This is my purpose, I have to take that light in me that got me through and share it. ( your purpose might be harder to find, you may not have had a moment like mine  think back to when you were in a moment doing a hobby, work event , volunteer work where you felt truly at peace and knew you were doing something that made you happy) 

Where will you be?

I picture myself living in metropolis in a house with a cute little cottage that I escape to in order to breath! (of course i will be traveling lots too)

What are you passionate about? 

Making a difference teaching and guiding others. ( again this is your passion, what makes you smile inside , it fits into your life perfectly)

What types of people are you helping?

I am helping those kids and teens who are lost and feel abused by their family with no where to turn. (if you were to define a group that would most benefit from your passion or purpose who are they?)

What do you value in others? 

I value honesty , communication, integrity, humour, vision. ( maybe you value other items but i think these are pretty standard)

What are your working conditions?

 I work for myself from home on my own schedule.  ( I never see working in a factory, I never want to be a programmer, I need people interaction but I want to control that for myself.

What are your work responsibilities?

I am responsible for writing, consulting, speaking events. helping charity groups. ( If I am living my passion and fulfilling my purpose this is what I will be responsible for doing day to day)

What is your income?

 My income is 250,000 per year. ( I want to live comfortably and be able to help others easily.)

This is my legacy work ! So take a shot at your legacy….send me your draft to michelleclerm@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “What is my Legacy?

  1. “You’re my last hope. I pray you can help,” a middle aged man said as he walked in through my door. “Well, I hope I’m not anyone’s last hope; but perhaps I can help. I will certainly try,” I responded. There are many clients I meet who have sought out the quick fix. They see their doctor and take a pill and for a time they feel better. Yet life never ceases to make waves and we are thrown off course. There are medications today that may help in almost any emotionally connected issue: obsessive worry, panic anxiety, generalized anxiety, restless legs, too much weight, too little weight, inattention, rumination, decreased memory, drug addiction, manic highs, depressive lows, premature ejaculation, impotence, decreased sex drive, too much sex drive, PMS, anger insomnia, pain, psychosis, and many more. There are many powerful tools, but its difficult to find the right tools for the right job. They must be used in an appropriate, sensitive manner, by a skilled professional. It really no different then when you have a leaky faucet. If the only tool you have is a hammer, then its bound to make your plumbing worse. For a hammer is a grand tool for build a home, but banging on your pipes will only make your plumbing worse. So I give my clients new tools to use. So rather then use the use a hammer to fix you faucet which very well make the pipes burst, flood the basement and crack the foundation. I, like a plumber who show people how to use a new tool, in this case called a wrench. So next time they have a leaky faucet they can fix it themselves. This is the legacy I hope to create.

  2. perfect and that is so true, everyone is uniquely wired and what will work for one may not work for another!! Have a look at the last couple blogs and follow along lets make this happen for you!

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