Join me in defining a path… have nothing to lose

I need to first take you back to where I was last August.

 I had been unemployed for 5 months, I was getting a few interviews but nothing materialized from them. 

I wanted to start a charity for Fatty Liver Disease and put all my efforts into writing that book and raising money and awareness for that disease. I was helping out Liver Charity events whenever possible.

My daughter is and was chronically ill and had just gotten out of her wheelchair in late June. A severe case of vertigo had made it impossible for her to walk for 10 months. I had lived my life completely for getting her help, and helping her cope for those 10 months. I did not know what to do with myself now that she was walking ok.

I was on unemployment and that barely covered my rent and car payment. I had to lean on family for groceries, cellphone bill, and anything else that we had to buy.

I was in a place of shame asking for that money every month. Asking for charity is certainly one of the hardest things on self esteem.

I was going to see Brandon every week but it was starting to feel like it was a waste of my time. I couldn’t make anything happen for myself no matter what I was doing and I was finding it hard to be motivated.

Essentially I was lost and depressed, I was feeling hopeless , I did not see a direction.

Brandon made me define my 5 year plan. I choked and struggled with every step. I couldn’t see tomorrow nevermind 5 years from now. We rewrote it a few times and he laughed at me when I had set all my goals for my family. Getting Megan Healthy, Support alex in his college and career plans, Take care of my grandparents, my stepdad. I had to focus this on myself not on everyone around me.

Once I did this and I started taking the steps toward my 5 year goals magic occurred in my life. Within 3 weeks…

 I had a consulting client dropped in my lap

I had a goal of a temporary customer service job and I landed a career position instead.

I started writing my autobiography and was getting outside sitting in parks and starbucks enjoying it immensely.

So trust me when I said I saw results. I had to put it all aside to make room for my career position. This needed my focus and needed to become a permanent position for me. My 5 year plan could wait.

Now its time to rewrite those goals and start moving my life into its next phase.  Do you have a direction in your life? Do you see a path?  Do you know your purpose, what legacy will you leave behind?

I will break down every step to guide you and I will provide insights into my struggles as I approached this last  summer. I will ask advice from friends who are knowledgable on topics we cover so that you have as much information as I can find.

Join me, you will not regret it and what do you have to lose?

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