Defining your 5 Year Plan!

I am helping a friend of mine define this right now so thought I would share in my blog. Its important to have a direction in life and set goals that constantly move you forward. It is so easy to get lost in the day to day challenges of life and feel overwhelmed when things don’t go your way.  Doing this work can bring some direction and peace.

Before you go about setting goals you have to do a bit of work to see where you are today and where you want to be 5 years from now. Can you picture yourself  in 5 years?

I am going to provide the questions that were used to define my legacy with Brandon Krieger last August.  Once this step is done we can break those down into specific segments and create goals. 

I will personally be redefining this for my life alongside you. The goals I set last August have changed somewhat with a terrific fulltime job. I need to rethink and reprioritize things to see where my path now takes me.

My next blog I will share my results to these questions and I hope that helps you with yours.


Define this by thinking through what your perfect life would look like.  Use what you know about yourself today and figure out how you can be the best possible you.

Look ahead 5 years and answer the following:

  1. What is your Dream?
  2. What makes you feel happy?
  3.  Do you have a sense of purpose?
  4. Where will you be?
  5. What are you passionate about?
  6. What types of people are you helping?
  7. What do you value in others?
  8. What are your working conditions?
  9. What are your work responsibilities?
  10. What is your income?


Core Values

Now look at your life today:

  1. What is your purpose in life?
  2. What are your physical needs?
  3. What are your mental needs?
  4. What are your time needs?
  5. What is your natural rhythm (morning or night?)
  6. What are your spiritual needs?
  7. What are your space needs?
  8. What are your family needs?
  9. What are your cultural needs?
  10. What are your social needs?

Blocking Factors

Think through the 4 S’s

Safety – do you feel safe in your life?

Security – Are you secure in what you have and provide?

Substance – Do you have everything you need to be successful?

Sex – Are your sexual needs fulfilled?

Think through Eating, moving and being healthy

Do you prioritize your body’s needs?

Are you managing Time effectively or is lots of time wasted?

What are your Fears? (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Write all of this down and feel free to email me your  results

I look forward to sharing goal setting next!


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