Defining My Perfect Man

If I were to define him here are the things I would want in my man

1. Sense of humour – if you can’t laugh at yourself move on, I love to laugh and I do it often!

2. Work Ethic – Do you believe in putting effort in for results? If not move on….

3. Open – I am an open book and my scars and best things will be shared. Can you do that?

4. Honest – I will not lie in order to get your attention, please have the same courtesy with me.

5. Taller than me – I am 5 6 and a bigger girl so I want my man to be taller , I do not want to feel like a giant beside you.

6. Smart- I like to debate, I like to think, I like to find new ways to look at things, I am always learning, are you?

7. Dancer – I love to dance, I don’t care if you do it great but I want to slow dance with you and know that you are not insecure if I go dancing with my friends.

8. Loyal – That you respect I have given you my heart and treat it well. I will do the same for you.

9. Communicate – If you are truly interested in keeping my attention a quick hello, email or text message is enough to keep me knowing you are thinking of me. Once a day is perfect.

10. Friendly – I want to be able to introduce you to my friends and family , Can you start and hold a conversation?

11. Comfortable with being Alone. – I cherish my time with my teenagers who are growing up really fast. I love my alone time and I will love my time with you. Do you have enough of a life that you don’t rely on me for your happiness?

12. Willing to take a chance- I am willing to take a chance with an amazing man are you ready to explore and enjoy time together without distraction of all the other women on the internet?

13. Oh and you have to be a good kisser! I am affectionate and I hope you are too!

Is this man in my life already, he might be, who knows, I have a number of wonderful men in my life…the rest is timing.

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