I won! I WON!

Yes today I was listening to the radio at work. Low volume with a headset to ensure i do not disturb anyone else, I heard the prompt to try calling in for a contest and things were quiet so I picked up my cell phone and started dialing. You never really expect the phone to ring at the other end…you absolutely have no confidence that if it rings you would be the caller that they were looking for! So many attempts over the years , so many busy signals, so many wrong caller!

Today it was my turn. CHFI 98.1 in Toronto runs a Big Bag of Cash contest. You open bags of cash that can have up to 10,000 dollars in them…there is always a bag that has an alarm and if you get that alarm your game is over and you don’t win any money.

I have heard people do this contest on this station for 2 years. I remember my own blood pressure rising listening to people taking a chance on opening one more bag of cash….me screaming at the radio DONT DO IT~!!! hearing the devastation when they lost money by taking too much of a risk!

Then there are the other callers who take those risks and keep going and going and going I have heard someone do 10 bags and it nearly killed me…I think they got a few thousand dollars but I knew I would never take that much risk!

I am a single mother that scrapes by paycheck to paycheck. Last night i was truly stressed out because I am the maid of honour in a wedding for my friend Kirsten in 6 weeks and I had to come up with about 400.00 to cover expenses related to dress, makeup, hair and shoes for that event, I should also get them a gift and there is the shower and bachelorette party to arrange. I was pondering how on earth i was going to be able to do this for her. I didn’t consider a year ago when she asked me to be maid of honour all of the financial obligations that role entailed. I certainly do not have that spare money sitting in a bank account anywhere.

So I picked up that phone and i tried calling…it was a busy signal for 3 or 4 of my calls when all of a sudden it rang. I took the phone away from my ear I could not believe it was actually ringing? Had I called the wrong number? Nope it was the right number…The DJ picked up the line and I expected her to say sorry you are caller 14….but instead…she said hi there what is your name? I tentatively told her Michelle. and she said well congrats michelle you are caller 15!

HOLY CRAP! I was the right caller, I was going to have my chance to open the bags of cash. I knew that I needed the money desperately to cover the wedding expenses and knew I needed over 500.00

My first bag had 300 dollars in it, I was very confident and said go ahead and open bag number 2

The second bag had 500.00 in it….I hmmed for a second and decided to risk one more bag…

The third bag had 650.00…I yelled stop! thats it and thats all I need!

650.00 will cover my wedding expenses and allow me to breath a little easier!

Of course they torture you by making you listen to how much you could have won…

The game ended at Bag 6 with 1200.00 in it. I am very happy with my 650.00 winfall and its 650.00 I did not have that this morning and I can happily be part of this wedding without having to beg borrow or rob a bank!

My heart did not calm down for about 30 minutes….I called my daughter and she was so happy!! I updated my facebook and my friends are all thrilled for me!!

I will sleep easily tonight knowing I am a WINNER! Take that Charlie Sheen!


3 thoughts on “I won! I WON!

  1. Michelle, I’m sooooooooooooo happy for you! I enjoyed that story so much that I didn’t rush to the end to see how much you eventually won. i was getting kinda anxious myself waiting for you to say the alarm went off and you lost. Wow, you’ve got real discipline – I would’ve gone all the way (what the heck!). I’m a spiritual person so I believe there was some divine intervention – 2 years of trying and when you needed it most your call was picked at the right time. I might just nickname you C15 (Caller Fifteen) 😀

    Now, make sure you spend it on what you originally planned for. There’s more good fortune to come…

    P.S – Thanks for subscribing!

  2. I was just surfing around when I saw your blog and decided to read it – I like your spirit and the way you related your story to the readers. Hope you had a great time at the Wedding…It’s now 2012 and I can see great things coming your way..All the best! P,

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