My Best Present Ever

This was given to me by Megan in 2009…it is posted on Facebook but its so special i want to share it with you too!

This year was the same as last year around gift giving…no real money to spend on each other and Megan struggled with this for mothers day this year wanting to show me how important I am to her. So instead she took pen to paper and wrote me this beautiful letter that still brings tears to my eyes. Last night i heard a noise that startled me in my sleep and i spilled a bottle of water on my bedside…it fell on the paper she wrote on. With her permission I am adding it to facebook.

Dear Mom,

The past years have been interesting to say the least. We have been to our rock bottom in Burlington, too many health issues to count, dealt with dad and my anger towards him. Alex has tried some bad things, Aunt Kimberly is going through so much, you cut your dad out of your life, my phobias, your heartbreaks.

So many bad things have happened but mom no matter what you have always kept on smiling and laughing and making me do the same. I love you for that.

When the doctors doubted me and were ready to give up on me , you fought for me. I love you.

When i had no friends and was lonely you comforted me and made me laugh even though you were battling depression.

I love you
When dad was forgetting about me and I couldn’t take it anymore , you got me help.

I love you

When I was difficult and scared and wouldn’t get my blood taken , you tried everything and never gave up on me like others would

I love you

When my obsession rolled in you supported me in it all and let me talk on and on. You are reading the books just to understand me. You got me countless merchandise and magazines just because it made me happy

i love you

When my temper gets bad and I say things I don’t mean, you forgive me.

I love you

There are many reasons why I love you and many reasons why if i said I had the greatest mom in the world it would all be true.

Have a great mothers Day

An amazing Birthday

and be as happy as you can

I love you so much



3 thoughts on “My Best Present Ever

  1. Aww…that’s so amazing. Who needs superficial love from a man…when you have the unconditional love of a child. 🙂

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