Angels in my life Brandon Krieger

I found Brandon on a Blog post. He was looking for one person to test his method of holistic coaching. I had replied that I was a single mother on limited income but that I wanted to lose weight to be a healthy role model for my daughter and he agreed to try his system on me.

He sent me about 20 pages of questionairres to fill out before we met. Some of the questions around sexuality and sleep patterns made me scratch my head. What on earth does that have to do with losing weight?

The office was a 30 minute drive west of where I live. but i decided that it was worth the drive if i was really going to see a difference.

So here I am a year and a bit later and I am the same weight! So how can I call Brandon an angel? How can I call his program a success?

Brandon is about holistic coaching…that means ensuring all areas of life are balanced. He taught me about chakras, about becoming selfish instead of giving all of myself to everyone else around me. 

We started working on my core muscles, exercises to build the centre so that it could support the rest of my body.

I was using using low glycemic eating as my food plan and he taught me that I am a protein based eater, my body requires 50% protein, 25% carb, 25% veggie. This made sense for me and I started incorporating that into my eating.

We had some successes, I was losing inches and had lost some weight. My core exercises were progressing but my balance was always off and Brandon knew i was too distracted by issues in my life.

Megans health crisis was weighing so heavily on me, I had lost my job, I was struggling financially again and I did not feel safe.

Our focus moved from weight loss to getting me to a safe place again.

Megan needed to get healthy that was on the critical path, Brandon worked with her food and finding exercises that she could do with the extreme vertigo. Jason worked on her organs to get them working correctly for her and ensure things were flowing through her system correctly.

I needed to find a new job asap and i was told to focus on getting resumes out and networking.

I was lost , I was scared, I felt hopeless. Brandon kept me moving forward despite myself. I would have been very happy to just roll up into a little ball and feel sorry for myself. This was not an option.

Brandon didn’t let me give up on me. After a couple months of not finding a new job, he made me write out my life goals, I wanted to help people be the best they can be. I wanted to instill in others the resilience i carry.

I broke down my goals into Financial, Learning, and relationships. Within each of these areas they were further broken down into 3 week goals, 3 month goals, 6 month, 12 month and 5 years.

It was not easy to see my life 5 years down the road when i couldn’t figure out how to put food on my table the next day! I decided to amuse Brandon and write them all out. I didn’t really think they would work but what did I have to loose?

I was to find a coaching client

I was to get 5 resumes out

I was to start my autobiography

I was to find a job within 3 weeks

I am very proud to say that I accomplished every item within the 3 weeks.

Debbie was my first coaching client. I found her at a networking meeting 2 days after I set the goal.

I started writing my autobiography and I am almost finished that now.

I got the job offer right at the 3 week mark!

Was it magic, nope it was having specific goals that were time sensitive and an awesome coach to keep me moving forward.

Here I am 5 months later, I am one month away from feeling completely safe with my new job. My daughter is struggling again but I am confident she will be doing better very soon.  I also no longer rescue people, this is a huge for me as I have done that all my life. Brandon helped me see how much energy that was sapping out of my life. I have shelved the coaching until I am past the 6 month mark at work but I am very excited about starting some new goals with Brandon once April 20, 2011 is under my belt. Safety and security is so close I can taste it. its all i really need to  take steps towards an even better life.

Brandon thank you from the bottom of my heart for being flexible enough to adjust my goals as the life challenges changed. Thank you for beleiving in me and always supporting me and pushing me forward when i wanted to give up. You are an angel in my life and I will always be thankful for you!


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