Angels in my life Osteopath Jason Brandow

As the worries for Megan falling back into old patterns of uncontrolled menstrual periods hits home I take a moment to think about Jason who actually got Megan to the point last June where she was healthy for 9 months.

Time can make you forget details and I had totally forgotten that when I first brought Megan to wonderful Osteopath Jason he discovered 2 things that could be accounting for the odd bleeding patterns that Megan encountered.

First he discovered that an area in her brain was slightly blocking her pituitary gland which as a result blocks her hormones from working through her body correctly.

Second he discovered that her uterus was twisted…this can also account for strange reactions in her menstrual cycle.

The last treatment that Megan received was in May 2010. There has been 9 months for her uterus to revert back to its twisted state and her pituitary gland to be blocked again. This is so logical to me and I now have a lot of hope for Megan as she returns to visit Jason tomorrow for a treatment.

Ultimate Sports Therapy in Mississauga Ontario absolutely are angels in my life.

Tomorrow I will share the difference Brandon has made to our lives but today its about Jason.

I was unemployed when I met Jason. He is in final stages of his study of osteopathy. This clinic really wanted to help Megan and they did it out of their hearts.

Osteopathic Manual Therapy (OMT) is a holistic form of hands-on therapy or “Manual Medicine”. This means that any part of the body that is in pain or dysfunction can benefit since OMT’s goal is to restore proper function to the body. An Osteopath practices OMT by applying very gentle but powerful techniques to realign the body and stimulate its inherent natural ability to heal itself. The results of Osteopathy are often fast and long-term!

I am a believer , Megan was dealing with extreme vertigo, extreme mentstrual periods and fatty liver disease when Brandon introduced us to Jason. Over 4 or 5 treatments Jason took Megan from a child who was unable to walk, always in pain, and bleeding uncontrollably to a child who spent 9 months being a normal teen. Walking, running, dancing at her grade 8 graduation.

Brandon clearly made a difference as well with ensuring she was eating the right foods and allowing her to take her anger out on him!

If you ever get frustrated with the medical community, if you ever get tired of taking all those pills that seem to be masking a problem or creating a new one…consider osteopathy as part of a holistic complete therapy package….

I might just have to consider a treatment for myself on that note!

Wishing all the powers of Osteopathy and Jason bring Megan the relief she needs again!!

Thank you Jason, thank you ,thank you ,thank you!


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