prayers for Megan

I am not a religious person I am far more spiritual, but in times like this I think of god and pray that he will help my child. Megan has struggled with 2 years of debilitating health problems. She has been a on a wonderful recovery path since June 2010. Her first semester of school was generally healthy with a few small road bumps along the way. She flourished at school was in a play, brought home A’s and B’s and life was great!

So why dear lord why would you throw a curve ball now, she is doing so well and she needs a normal life in highschool wasn’t it enough that she missed out on grade 7 and 8 with her friends and for her education.

Megan in 2009 experienced a 10 month menstrual period. It was explained as being because she was young and her cycle is not normal. This was a constant bleed for 10 months and iron was a constant companion due to anemia.

Now in March 2011 she has been bleeding heavily for 12 days. She is on birth control and that is supposed to be controlling it but its clearly not helping. She is on hormone natural remedy to help balance things out and that is not helping. She is now back to daily iron and iron rich foods because she is anemic.

She is terrified, I am helpless. I cant comfort her, I can’t assure her I do not have answers for my child.

She is begging me not to take her back to the hospital team. She hated how they told her it was in her mind and made her feel like a liar when she had extreme vertigo. Doctors are great as long as they understand what is happening. As soon as you give them something that falls outside of the known silos they flounder and want to prescribe anti depressants to your child.

So the best I can do is pray, and I am asking you all to join me. She is 14 years old and has dealt with enough crap already. Please give her back a normal teen experience.


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