Angels in my life – Dina

In 2009 I was unemployed, my daughter had been diagnosed with Mono  and fatty liver disease. It was the first year that I really had no way of planning christmas presents for my children. It felt terrible. My kids understood, told me not to worry about it. That never takes away the feeling of guilt of not being a good parent. I watched my friends planning wonderful christmases, I listened to the radio as people talked about the gifts that they were planning for their loved ones.

I accepted that this christmas would be about family time together I set out to plan free things that i could do with the kids.

All of a sudden cards started showing up in my mailbox, gift cards, cheques, gift certificates they were coming from friends all over the province and I had no idea why.

Slowly the reason for the gifts started to become clear. A friend in Stratford Ontario whom I had bought gift baskets for my kids from the year before had gathered friends on my facebook and suggested they all send me a small gift. Dina is a busy working mother of 4 children, she works at a restaurant, runs her kids everywhere and runs a business as well.

That Dina took the time to contact my friend list and coordinated this wonderful christmas present will never be forgotten.  I was able to give these to my kids to give them a small christmas present. That they in return insisted I kept some of the gift cards for myself was also very selfless.

There are many angel stories in my life and Dina is one for sure! Thank you for being a bright light Dina! and to the friends who sent gifts thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

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