Angels in my life – Janet

In the past 5 years I have dealt with long periods of unemployment as a single mother. Those periods of unemployment led me to claiming bankruptcy .

My youngest child has been dealing with never ending health issues. Down to hospitals, doctors, natural doctors, clinics trying to get answers and I will talk of another angel tomorrow in reference to this part of my life!

Every single penny is counted for in a life that is run paycheck to paycheck.

This means not one vacation in the last 5 years, no trips to see plays in Toronto , or concerts for the bands that I love. Finding $100- $200.00 to enjoy a night out is not something I can justify in my budgetting. I live vicariously through my married friends and my single friends who can experience all these things that I miss.

I do enter contests, radio and online hoping to win a trip or concert tickets and i do buy the occassional lottery ticket hoping to hit the jackpot.

Last summer I noticed that a contest was underway to win tickets to see Bon Jovi on facebook on a facebook fan page for Dine To…I entered it and all i had to do was get my friends to write on their wall that I should win the tickets.

My friend Donna spent a lot of time and energy posting my name on the fan page and if her votes could have been counted multiple times then I would have been a shoe in! Sadly her name could only be counted once and since I only have 200 or so facebook friends I could not compete with others that had over 1000 friends to get posting for them.

I was feeling quite hopeless and knew that the odds of my winning the facebook contest was very remote. I accepted that this was another opportunity lost and accepted defeat!

Out of no where I got an email from a friend that had been quietly watching my attempts to win this facebook contest. Janet heard a call on her local radio station and thought of me. She called in and won tickets to the Bon Jovi concert and she pretended that she was me!!

She sent me an email:

“Hey Michelle, I really did win tickets today and I really do want you to have them. Please call me at 123-456- 7891 asap to arrange picking them up at the Barrie radio station. Yay to you! Jan”

WOW how do you say thank you to someone who thought  of you, who never met you and took the time to do such an unselfish act!

“You have to go the 1125 Bayfield Road North in Barrie between 830 and 5, have photo id with you and say you won them today. They don’t usually do things this way ’cause when I called he asked my name, I told him but then said I wanted to give them to you, brief pause then he said, ok so your name is Michelle right? I had to agree to let them give me the tickets. Have fun!”

I was floored this incredible woman had done this for me. I will never forget what Janet did and I will always be thankful to her.

I took my friend Donna to the concert as a thank you to all of her efforts to help me win that contest on Facebook!

There were tears in my eyes as I sang along to every song and watched donna rocking out too! What a blessing to have angels in my life Thank you Janet you provided me a night I will never forget! OHHH ohhh Living on a Prayer!


2 thoughts on “Angels in my life – Janet

  1. I have found that often if you give people the opportunity to recognise a need and to rise to meet it they will. Amazingly I have often seen that the people with the least in many countries around the world are often one who offer the most. EXCELLENT that someone took the time and effort to do you a good turn… and that you had a fabulous time! Brilliant!
    .. maybe using your time, skills, talents (ie not necessarily having to involve cash) you could find someone somewhere and “pass on” the ‘gift” of an unexpected kindness 🙂

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