I feel so lucky

A very special man has come into my life. He found me on a dating site and started talking to me. He entered as a friend which I have been demanding since I wrote my blog a few weeks ago about finding love in todays world.

My profile on this dating site was a copy of that blog. I had changed everything to point to my change in attitude.

We have been talking pretty much non stop for a week. We have met  in person and we know that we are both on the same wavelength about what we want in a relationship and that we think the same way about a number of other areas of our lives.

What he didn’ t tell me right away was that he is a relatively well known Canadian actor and comedian. Initially I was taken aback by this, but after giving it some thought I had to accept that he is still only human and that I should not treat him any differently than I would any other prospective partner.

We have decided to take a chance on each other to try a relationship, to continue building our friendship and share emotions and see where this road will take us one day at a time.

I am so incredibly happy to have him in my life and I thank him for finding me! I just had to share the reason for my smiles!

Have a great day folks!


One thought on “I feel so lucky

  1. I’m so happy you have allowed yourself to feel loved and appreciated for the person you are as a whole. Focussing on your outer appearance isn’t what makes you beautiful to someone, its the whole package. Enjoy being happy with this new man in your life! Cathy.

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