Angry People suck!

On my way to work this morning, I encountered 3 angry people, not directed at me but at other folks for reasons that made no sense.

This struck me as odd, I was appreciating the warmth in the air after a deep freeze in toronto, feeling a skip in my step. Taking a deep breath to truly enjoy it.

Ok I was pumping gas so the deep breath was a mistake lol, anyway I am enjoying my moment and all of a sudden I hear a very loud F*** YOU…I looked around trying to figure out who was freaking out. No one looked like an angry person. A little chinese lady looked confused too.

The gas bar attendant comes on speaker and tells the man at pump 8 that he needed to pay with his credit card before pumping his gas…he stomped to the gas bar attendant and started screaming at her, I couldn’t hear him but it was clearly HER fault the pump needed to have a credit card entered before he pumped gas. he came stomping out of the gas bar and swore all the way to his van. He was a little chinese man and I would never had guessed he was an angry man from his appearance.  He screamed out of the gas station and onto the street. Glad I wasn’t in his way I am sure he would have run me over!

The next character was at my local Tim Hortons. Lined up waiting for my coffee and the guy in front of me demands a vanilla latte… the server said sorry we do not serve those here. He said well why the F*** did I wait in the line!  I shook my head as I went to get my coffee and the poor server was shaken up.

Then after I parked my car I started my walk to the office. I stop at a light to cross and all of a sudden an old guy starts beeping like crazy at a guy who made a left turn. ok it was on a yellow light but there was no one in intersection, no reason for the honking!

I am not letting that angry vibe spoil my day, and it made me feel sad for these people. What a disappointing way to live your life. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Its not the fault of the gas bar attendant that you did not look at the gas pump rules before you pulled up. Its not the fault of the tim hortons server that you did not look up at the board for available items. They are just doing their job and dealing with jerks like these guys makes that harder to do.

Take a deep breath folks , life is to short to sweat the small stuff. Try smiling more, try thanking more. You will be happier for the effort!



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