Bad News

I find it very interesting that when I post negatively titled blogs like my deepest shame, regrets, affair details I get incredible traffic to my blog!

So I figure by titling this one bad news It will get a large number of hits just to see what my bad news is!

Sadly there is some bad news to report. Some of you that have been following me will know that I have been following captain snuggles fight to stay alive. He lost his battle yesterday. A short life May 11 ,2010 – January 24, 2011. But this little guy touched all of our hearts through his mothers blog. She took the time to write a small note telling us she held captain snuggles for the last time yesterday. I know that there is nothing the virtual community can do for her other than be here. If you would like to read her story and send condolences please see her blog here

This is also the 4 year anniversary of loosing my Aunt Gidgette to Cancer. She was a powerful woman who took my sister and I into her home for 6 weeks when I was a child. Those 6 weeks are firmly planted in my memory as the most happy period of my childhood. A positive memory in a time where my parents were trying to kill each other literally, my mother was trying to kill herself and violence was rampant in my life. I was 7 years old.

Being able to thank her for her role in my life before she passed away meant the world to me. I will never forget her and I will always cherish her.

Good news is my daughter finished her first exams yesterday. A month of high anxiety, excellent organization, serious studying and she is now done her first round of exams. Now we wait for results but she gets a week off to recover and prepare for her 2nd term of highschool.  It does seem strange to see my baby girl facing such an adult task of exams. When did she grow up on me exactly?

On the weekehd she gave me warm fuzzies when she called me momma bear. She calls me that when I harass a waitress to get her a refill or i take on getting her something else she needs. I love being called Momma Bear and I know it fits me as a mother.

So I am giving you a little bad news to fill that desire in the blog world and I am balancing it with some happiness and pride I am feeling right now too!

Have a great day!


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