The best gift that keeps on giving!

Today for the first time in 10 years I rolled up my sleeve and gave blood. I was inspired to do so by a virtual friends baby boy nicknamed Captain Snuggles that has been going through a lot of Blood transfusions in his fight to stay alive.

I should be doing this regularly and I wish that there was an easy way to do that, today it was scheduled in the office building I used to work in and it was a great excuse to see my good friend Kirsten. Kirsten was actually the person that introduced me to Captain Snuggles story and I am glad we were able to share a moment of pure giving to others.

This was Kirsten’s first time giving blood and she did look a bit nervous but she agreed that it was actually an easy process and we did have some giggles when we suggested they give pedicures while we give blood. Seems like a fair trade to me!

The questions they have to ask you are hilarious. Have you used intravenous drugs in the last few months, ok that’s an expected normal question!

Have you been paid for sex , or exchanged sex for drugs? ERRMM no!!!!

Have you slept with any partner in the last 6 months who uses drugs?

Have you slept with any male partner that might have slept with another male partner in the last 6 months?

OMG folks, how the heck would I really know! In actuality I know for darn sure I haven’t but if I was promiscuos i would have an issue lol.

Its difficult enough to have the conversation about last STD testing and requesting a condom, but now you want me to ask them if they had slept with any men, or if they have used drugs! I might as well join the nunnery as men will think I have lost my mind when I ask if they have slept with any men!

In any regards once I got past laughing at these questions I went ahead and  gave my O Negative blood and I hope it will be used to help someone special.

A special wave and virtual hug to Captain Snuggles and I hope he knows we are thinking of him today!

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