What a morning

I am in toronto and when we get snow it really destroys traffic. You would think that in Canada we would be used to it , but with global warning we deal with it less often so it really impacts. My drive to the office usually takes 45 minutes. This morning that time was 2.5 hours and I consider myself lucky to report this considering other things I know are happening.

The floods in Australia, I have friends there and I am praying everyone I care about is in safe areas. For everyone else impacted by that I hope things settle very soon so you can start to recover.

Baby David (captain snuggles) who is hemorraging and still fighting to stay alive with a virus that is now impacting his new liver. Please see his moms blog for this mothers nightmare.


Sadly this morning in Toronto with the crazy snow on the road, an idiot decided to steal a snow plow, he drove crazily and hit a bunch of parked cars and then hit and killed a 35 year old Toronto Police officer that was trying to stop his rampage. Another officer was hurt and then the snowplow continued hitting more cars until Toronto Police had to shoot him in order to stop the carnage.

This Toronto Police officer has a young child and was only doing his job. I am feeling quite sad this morning with all this bad news and am hoping for a better day tomorrow!

Take care of each other, tell people that you love them and be careful out there!




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