Insomnia Over!

So relieved to have slept through a whole night without waking up at 2 am or not even being sleepy til 3am. I had a month of poor sleep that started with being sick before Christmas on, and exasperatede with being on call the last week in December. I was anxious and afraid that I would sleep through my blackberry beeping. What if I missed a call? I am still on probation which lasts until April and the last thing I wanted to do was mess this up. This was also a very tough week to be on call and looking for resources to help work on problems. Everyone is on vacation between christmas and new year and my biggest challenge was finding resources. This was also my very first time on call.

My job is as an incident manager for a company that manages back office work for banks, retailers, insurance companies and many other companies. My role is to handle the most severe technology or telephony problems that are impacting our customers ability to do business with us and find the correct resources and keep management informed until the problem is resolved or worked around. Its a job I love and I am meant to do! It is my specialty!

Being sick lasted almost 3 weeks with a lingering cough. This definitely impacted my ability to sleep through the night. The coughing would wake me up and it would take a while to calm it down enough to sleep again.

Once I got into the new year there was no good reason for me to be struggling with sleep. It was all a result of December, so I was getting impatient with myself, angry that I couldn’t sleep which of course didn’t help things at all!!

Imagine my relief this morning when I woke up and realized I had gone to bed at 11 pm and woken up at 6:30 completely uninterrupted!  It didn’t hit me until I was driving to work and I noticed I wasn’t half asleep!

Excuse me while I dance around a little bit! It feels good to be alive today! Have a great day!


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