Keeping Perspective

 We all feel sorry for ourselves sometimes. Whether it’s because we don’t have enough money, are too fat or too thin, are too short or too tall, have a job we hate, or would just like to have a job to go to. I hated having to deal with my sick daughter for 2 years and I felt sorry for myself for not having the support or the ability to help her like I hoped to have. There is always someone dealing with a worse situation then you are. They may not be visible to you in your down times, but they are out there. Right now I am aware of 2 stories that break my heart and raise my spirit at the same time. A single mother in my area with 3 boys had a tumor removed 6 years ago and in the last few months her health has taken a bad turn. There is no tumor, which is great news, but the shunt that they put into her brain is broken and it is infected. This is causing seizures, constant throwing up, massive migraines drops in potassium levels and numerous other problems that have her in ICU waiting for an operation to replace the shunt. She waits and has a sense of humor. There is a group on Facebook that I belong to that is providing support to her. The impact she has had on lives around the world is clear. The love in this group is so obvious and people are sending her love and jokes everyday. Her boyfriend is by her side daily, and her ex boyfriend is a key member of the group and he is still so clearly in love with her. Friends and family post loving words She posts updates as often as she can manage, exciting times for her right now include being able to sit up in a chair for a few hours. Spending time with her friend Dr. Puke which is the name she has given her vomit bucket. Holding food down would be an amazing day! She wants to go home and she misses her boys terribly. I am happy to be a part of this group, and I look forward to giving her a hug when I meet her once she has the operation she sorely needs. You can follow Chrissy’s group on facebook at Chrissy’s Goodwill Broadband Network As bad as her situation is right now, there is a baby boy in Ohio on life support after a liver transplant. He is hanging on to life by a thread. He is nicknamed Captain Cuddles , he was born with a genetic disease that made a liver transplant mandatory. That operation went well, but shortly after it he came down with a virus that is causing problems in his lungs, kidney and the liver. They are trying to medicate him, they are trying to detoxify his system. Machines are helping his lungs and heart work better, dialysis helps his kidneys but there is no machine to help the liver and as long as its not doing its job toxins will continue to flow through his tiny body causing problems for all of the other organs. He was born on May 11 2010 and had his surgery in August. The family is praying for a miracle and preparing for the worst at the same time. To follow Captain Snuggles story you can go to the blog here So while our challenges may seem overwhelming at times…take a moment and say a prayer or send best wishes to someone who is struggling more than you. Keep your life in perspective.


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