A New Liver for Christmas

2 years ago I started a group on facebook to find people that were suffering from Fatty Liver disease. I wanted to understand this disease , I wanted to find people that would relate to my daughter and might have found ways to improve their health. I have met hundreds of people around the world who are suffering with this disease and I have also met people who are suffering with other liver diseases.

Overall I have watched people suffer, I have watched people fight the demons of junk food addiction. The folks who have changed their eating habits and improved their exercise levels have absolutely seen results.

I have also seen the deterioration of others. A friends father lost his battle to liver disease in the fall. A great lady in my group is June and she struggles everyday but she is a fighter and we all hope she will win this battle.

My dear online friend Tracy not only has suffered with liver disease of her own, but her husband has been sick with a hereditary liver disease too. They have been on the transplant list for him for as long as I have known her, Her status messages on Facebook have talked of his suffering and swelling, tears and pain.

I am in tears of joy this morning after she posted that the liver that came in yesterday was truly a match for her husband. He is now out of surgery and the hard work of recovery starts. Merry Christmas Tracy and Scott.

To all my friends PLEASE take the time to sign your organ donor cards. There are so many people that need new livers and they are not easy to come by. Our livers are the smartest , hardest working organ in our body. It handles all the toxins you eat, breath or drink into your body! It protects the rest of your organs by breaking the toxins down and disposing of them. It can also regenerate healthy liver cells to replace fatty ones, which is why improving diet does solve fatty liver disease.

Sadly our society does not make it easy to buy organic foods..they are more expensive and the screaming signs of mcdonalds are everywhere you turn..offering you the quick , cheap solution to hunger. Sign your cards, it could be your spouse, you, your child or another important family member that could use that liver! Don’t be buried with a healthy liver (or other organs) that could save someone elses life.!!

Merry Christmas Everyone! It just keeps getting better!

One thought on “A New Liver for Christmas

  1. What a wonderful Christmas present!

    A doctor friend of mine points out that it goes beyond the signing of organ donor cards. Anyone wanting to be a donor MUST ensure that their loved ones are aware of this. Frequently, doctors will look to family members for consent to harvest organs whether or not a signed donor card is present. If you choose to be an organ donor, TELL YOUR FAMILY!

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