A Very Special Christmas

 In so many ways 2010 is the most special Christmas to me since 2007.

In 2008 I lost my job with IBM. I was on unemployment for Christmas, totally reliant on family to let me buy Christmas presents and I hated that feeling. My dear daughter Megan was sick with liver disease and was barely eating. I did have special Christmas angels that year that came together and mailed me gift cards and cheques to brighten our year. I will never forget that gesture by a group of friends on facebook! We put the tree up and I did it half heartedly. What was the point this year?

In 2009 I was working at a job I liked a lot. My daughter Megan had extreme vertigo and was in the hospital last December to have doctors turn around and tell her this was all in her head. She was bound to a wheelchair and I had counted on this children’s hospital to finally help my daughter. I was devastated by their lack of answers and the decision to put my 13 year old daughter on anti depressants. I was able to buy a few more gifts for my family but my world was so incredibly sad. We put the tree up again, but it still felt wrong.

Now 2010…why so different, why so special? Well Megan and my son Alex are both nostalgic this year. I totally blame Toy Story 3 for that. We went to see that this summer at the drive in and that movie evoked so many emotions in not just me but my 17 year old son and my 14 year old daughter too. It made my kids think about their old toys, I think it made them think of old times when we had traditions. When we would go cut down a Christmas tree and lug it through the forest…when we would attempt to build a gingerbread house, when we would watch polar bear express on Christmas Eve and read Twas the night before Christmas.  My 14 year old daughter is healthy this year (except for the rotten cold we are both fighting) when she goes out she is excited and spins around to catch snowflakes in her mouth. When we drive around she gets excited by houses with Christmas lights on. She has insisted on wrapping all the gifts with care! Its small stuff but its special! Putting the Christmas tree up this year I committed to getting a real tree next year! We enjoyed decorating the tree, it was a happy event. We have watched lots of Christmas movies and have enjoyed them all! We decorated a gingerbread house and we picked Alex up to drive around looking at Christmas lights with hot chocolates to make the moments better!

This year we are healthy, I am working at a great job! My son is planning his next phase of life into college and I really could not be happier!

This year I can feel the Christmas spirit and I thank my kids for that!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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