Fatty Liver rears its ugly head!

What I knew could happen and what I ignored, what I was most afraid of and avoided thinking about has had an ugly toll. I am sorry Megan.

 The result of falling back into comfort habit of junk food has resulted in my daughter having liver issues again. Initially we thought stomach flu, but its been a week and her nausea is not improving at all.

This is her fatty liver sending the clear message that its time to get back to healthy basic foods. We know how to fix this and how to get her feeling better. Quite simply, eating whole foods, avoiding processed foods, Eating more fruits and veggies and less fatty foods is how she will feel better.

She has made such incredible progress at school and to see her feeling sick again is completely heart breaking.

I am thankful that this is limited to tummy troubles and no other strange symptoms have happened yet, but this is the wake up call and there is no way I am letting her go back to a condition where she can’t make it to school and her teen years are ruined with illness.

This is in my control, this is in her control. no more cookies at the cafeteria, no more lunch room pasta. Lunches packed with foods that will not make her liver scream are key and that is the reality that is going to make us both healthier again.

Thanks for the wake up call mr liver, and thanks for being the only organ in the body that can actually rebuild itself with new cells. We did it once and reversed so many problems together..I thank you for a chance to make her healthy again before its too late!


2 thoughts on “Fatty Liver rears its ugly head!

  1. Michelle it is human nature to fall back into old habbits even when we know the consequenses. We all do it: smoking, drugs are just to name a few. The important thing is that you are making changes and that in itself is a great accomplishment.

    Take care my friend. I am rooting for you! (and Megan!) =)

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