Are you Brave?

Can you face your demons publicly? Can you stand the risk of anger,sadness, disappointment. People wonder how I can be so open with my darkest secrets. Do I enjoy risking pain? Do I actually enjoy the pain that can result?

If I am brutally honest I do feel comfortable with pain. It has been a constant companion in my life and one I know how to accept and deal with.

The same thing that allows me to accept pain also gives me the strength to take risks.

I take risks with my heart hoping that it finds love. Still trying!

 I took the risk to leave my mothers home at 17 after she chased me with a knife. I found my freedom!

I took the risk to report to the police , a minister who exposed himself to me as a little girl;I found my spirit.

I took the risk to do public speaking and found my voice.

I took risks admitting my faults and found friends!

I took risks in starting my own business and it failed. I learned humility.

I took a risk by talking an intruder calmly out of my house, I found courage.

The river doesn’t stop flowing because a rock is in its way. It flows over it, beside it or under it. In order for you to stop the river you have to create a dam to block it. Don’t let your sadness,  or your fears become your dam.

You can always take the path of least resistance, that is always easy, but to truly live a full life open yourself to some calculated risks,be brave and know that everything happen for a reason. The goal is to keep moving forward facing each day as an opportunity to be brave.

I will always be brave, I will always take risks for a better life and love. That is what I will be remembered for. I never give up!

You can learn more about me and what makes me brave through my new autobiography “Behind Her Smile” available soon.


4 thoughts on “Are you Brave?

  1. Your mum chased you with a kitchen knife??? Well, my younger sister chased me with a kitchen knife when I was 12 (I really ticked her off but fortnately she couldn’t catch me. You’re brave alright, I’ll give you that. So we both writing autobiographies it seems, amazing. Do let me know when its out so I can order for my signed copy please…you never know but it may one day become a movie adaptation (unless of course uou don’t want that. I noticed you changed your theme header. Looking forward to reading more. Thanks!

  2. yes i was able to get into a bathroom and lock myself in, she stabbed the door numerous times until my stepdad was able to control her rage. I left that night with the clothes on my back not a penny to my name and never looked back! For sure will let you know when its done, I am about 3/4 through the writing process, then its editting and figuring out self publishing

  3. WTH? Stabbing the door was pretty extreme hate. I’m sure all will be revealed in your novel. Glad u didn’t turn out crazy 😉 Self publishing can’t be too difficult. I have a pal in Texas whose well published book (we’re talking real good quality cover, pages and print) was done on a small budget. I’ll let u know how to go about it when the time comes.

  4. Extreme rage creates moments of extreme hate, there is nothing logical about it, but i knew i would never be safe with her again. Thanks on the idea for the publishing I will keep you posted on progress!

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