My Evolution

The last time you heard from me was June 2010. My daughter was suddenly able to walk, my life as I knew it for the previous 9 months was changed. I no longer had to wheel my daughter every where, I no longer had to fight with doctors to help my daughter. My day to day existence was completely different.

I was lost; I had been so busy taking care of my daughter I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was scared, what if her recovery was temporary? I was frozen, waiting for the world to show me what next.

Megan graduated grade 8, to see her walking up to get her diploma was very emotional. She looked so beautiful in her dress and she danced the night away with her friends at their party. This was all we ever wanted was for her to be able to do that walk to the stage. Megan did intense tutoring with my Aunt Pat all summer to prepare her for entering Grade 9; she was generally restless and frustrated because she wanted to be out all the time. She spent her birthday at Canada’s Wonderland with her best friend. It was wonderful to see her happy and able to be out! I celebrated with Megan all the time, we ate out lots, we spent a wonderful weekend downtown at the Harbor Castle in Toronto for a Twilight Convention and she just glowed! She has entered grade 9 and is doing extremely well, her mid-term report card is coming home tomorrow with grades in the mid 80’s not bad for a girl who has missed most of the last 2 years of school. My Aunt Pat is a huge part of that success with incredible tutoring. Megan has been working so hard and she is so focused on doing well that I know Megan is on her road to a successful life and she will never turn back.

My son Alex has matured and has continued to make me proud too. He is working part time, playing hockey and putting so much effort into high school for Grade 12. He is planning to go to college in September for Journalism and is ready to focus to make his future successful too. He regrets goofing off with his friends until this year. He knows that he did himself a disservice by waiting until grade 12 to focus. He tells his sister not to make his mistakes, of course she has to learn in her own way, but it’s wonderful to see him giving her advice.

I started dating again, meeting men for coffee. I started getting close to my friend Shannon and we went dancing as often as possible. Flirting, laughing and sweating on the dance floors, I needed to laugh and have fun and I did that. I went on 2 harbor cruises with Shannon in Toronto and loved looking out over the city and it felt like a mini vacation. Thanks to my friend Anna for talking me into attending those!

I was unemployed and not happy about that, I was torn between my ideas for writing my book, fatty liver disease work, and finding a full time job that would provide security. Megan was very frustrated with me; she didn’t feel I was trying hard enough to find a job. She put a lot of pressure on me and it was hard for me to provide reassurance. Brandon kept telling me to focus but I would get lost in knowing which direction to put my focus in. I was torn, I was stuck.

In August Brandon tried a new approach with me. He made me write out and create my life purpose. I struggled. I initially thought my life purpose was to give back to kids, make sure they knew that life does get better if they keep moving forward. But my life had shown me that I am always coaching friends too. So really I want to help everyone. Brandon helped me shorten that down to a focus on helping people who want to be helped. By getting them to create their life purpose and setting goals and being accountable.

Next Brandon had me create a five year plan. What would I agree to accomplish in the next 3 weeks, 3 months, 9 months, year, 3 years and 5 years? I had to break it down into topics too, financial, physical, and spiritual. I found it so hard to write these goals thinking of it from MY perspective. I kept writing about what Megan, Alex, my stepdad, would be doing. Brandon kept at me until I created a set of goals that were realistic and small so I could have successes.

So I agreed to start writing my life story, I agreed to start networking actively, I agreed to find a job that would provide at least 40k in income, I agreed to find at least 1 coaching client and apparently I agreed to do this all within 3 weeks. I must have been crazy how on earth would I accomplish all of this? Well it happened. All of it!

I have started writing my life story and I am at about age 28 now, that has been a very emotional process as I relived very traumatic memories of my childhood.  Brandon has been helping me deal with those moments with Reiki treatments, sending healing vibrations through my body. I have cried many tears for what my inner child had to deal with but its time to get it all out and let her heal.

I found my first coaching client. I was able to help her pull together some steps to improve her life and I hope that she is continuing to improve now.

I started to run a business networking group and made so many incredible contacts and friends within that group too!

I also got a job, well over the 40k mark that I had set for myself. I am happily learning about those new responsibilities and adjusting to the new schedules.

Positive proof that setting goals and moving forward with baby steps, brings results in all areas. I am looking forward to sitting with Brandon to review my goals and adjust them to fit my new busier life.  I am going to commit to writing a blog once a week again to keep you posted on my progress. Learn with me, grow with me..evolve with me!


2 thoughts on “My Evolution

  1. Welcome back to Blogville Michelle! You obviously had a lot on your plate. I’m glad Megan can walk now. Miracles really do happen (Thank God). Congrats on the swank job too! Writing a book is something I’m currently working on too and I’m on chapter 5. It’s my life story with all its ups and downs. I can only imagine the therapeutic effect that it will be having on you as you recall all those ‘traumatic’ periods – let it out and your readers would probably turn on the waterworks too. Coincidentally I returned to my blog just yesterday after my last post in Sept. I guess all you have to do now is try to keep to your ‘one-blog a week’ plan. Happy blogging 😀

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