The Strong Silent Type

Well silent I am not , but who knows what my liver might be thinking. The liver is the workhorse in our bodies, it filters out all the toxins we put in via drugs, alcohol, chemicals in processed foods and even the air we breathe…it all stops at the liver first.

If our liver is working well it will get rid of those toxins and the rest of your organs will be handed less work to do and everything inside us is happy!!

However when the liver starts to fail, it will not scream and yell at you, it will keep working to the best of its abilities , it won’t clean out as many toxins , but heck your other organs can handle them! They have had it easy for so many years…thanks to your liver.

Other charities get lots of funding from drug companies, not the liver foundation…the reason for that is pretty clear from my perspective. Drugs don’t help the liver in general. The liver needs to be treated with tender loving care by its owner, its really the only way to lessen the work and allow it to heal itself.  So why would drug companies throw money behind a charity that it can’t count on making money from!

The other huge problem for the Liver Foundation is the general public’s view of liver disease. We associate liver issues with someone who is an alcoholic, drug addict, tattoo parloured partier who is always having unprotected sex!

As long as we are NOT that person….we should be fine right! WRONG so completely wrong, but until your liver is badly damaged it will not complain…picture it as Donkey in winnie the pooh….just trudging along through life hoping someone will notice him!

I am involved in 2 different charity events for the liver foundation in the Toronto area this weekend and I hope you will stop by and show your support!

Friday I will be at Union Station for the morning rush hour and the afternoon rush collecting money for The Canadian Liver Foundation and again on Father’s day at Boston Pizza in Brampton at 410 and Steeles. Bring your dad for lunch and help a great cause with me!

for my daughters sake and for someone you love who doesn’t yet know they have liver disease!


Michelle Clermont

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