Miracles do happen!

Saturday June 5 th was the first day in 9 months that my 13 year old daughter was able to walk without any dizziness. Extreme vertigo had her wheelchair bound since September. I wrote about this day completely in my previous blog on WordPress that you can find at https://gethealthywithmichelle.wordpress.com

Today is Wednesday June 9th, and it is Megan’s 2nd day of no dizziness.  She is currently in the shower for the first time without my help in 9 months, she is getting ready to go to school and surprise her classmates and her teachers who have all watched her suffer and not be able to participate. She will be having such a special afternoon with her class , i hope this day is one she never forgets where she feels normal again at least for one day!

We don’t know why the dizziness is showing signs of leaving, it could be due to a change in diet, and exercise, it could be thanks to the Osteopath who has been treating her monthly with slight adjustments, maybe its that I took her off all the narcotics that doctors have prescribed in the last 2 years.

I don’t know but my god I am thankful!!! This means so much to us after 2 years that have not shown any true progress for Megan in her health.  Only declining …this is her climbing back out of the mess of issues that plague her body!

I am volunteering to speak for the Canadian Liver Foundation and as part of a fundraising effort I will be at a Father’s Day event at Boston Pizza in Brampton , walking 5k in September in the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon and I am looking for sponsors for that! Find out how you can run , walk or sponsor someone at http://www.torontowaterfrontmarathon.com/en/charity.htm .

Search for Michelle Clermont to find my page on there. I will never stop fighting to help people with liver disease after seeing what it can do to a child. I have seen my daughters decline and  I know a 12 year old boy with fatty liver disease who is going in for surgery next week to have his appendix removed and a biopsy done.  There is no way that children should have to deal with this!  We need research and cures!

So I am counting on miracles for her liver disease in the long term and I am thankful for the miracles of today for the changes in her extreme vertigo…

Things are finally truly looking better! Things will finally shift enough to allow me to focus back on my health and losing the weight I set out to do this year!

Thank you for not giving up on me!

Michelle Clermont


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