Shiny and New at 42!

What an interesting birthday it was, Sun shining in the morning telling me not to give up, then rainy in the afternoon and evening to wash away all the bad things in the last year! Certainly seemed fitting for my life.  Part of the sunshine in the morning was an unexpected phone call for a job interview. The call was from Michigan and this had me confused on my birthday…who do I know in Michigan who would be calling to wish me a happy birthday. As i listened to the voice talking to me about a job I had applied for my confusion grew even more….I did not remember applying for a role in the states!

Eventually it all came together , the role is a Client Manager position in Richmond Hill for a large software company. This role reads exactly like it was tailored for me. What a perfect surprise birthday present. Today a week later I was happy to meet with the hiring manager and a long term employee for a 1 hour interview where I felt very confident and was pleasantly surprised by people saying hi to me in the lobby, parking lot and elevator like I already belonged there. The hiring manager is a wonderful lady who clearly is dedicated to her work and passionate about what she does. The long term employee was so down to earth and friendly and I know things went very well indeed!

This was after a weekend where I was feeling quite down about things financially, I could not put gas in my car to visit Brandon Saturday or my grandparents as I had planned. I had to forgo a prescription for my blood pressure as well . We gathered coins in order to get a few groceries for this weekend and I had a hard look at where the money is going.

Clearly Organic shopping is key for my daughters health, the problem is that it is on average 50% more expensive then its chemical laden neighbour. I am spending about 100 every 4 days in order to keep us stocked up with organic meat and fruits and veggies and household supplies. I have to accept that for the time being I have to put organic eating on the back burner and just buy the healthiest normal groceries I can unless organic products are on sale for the same price. Unfortunately, the market place ensures that eating unhealthy food is far cheaper than eating healthy foods.  I watched Food Inc with my kids this past weekend and had tears in my eyes listening to the mexican family who can’t afford the veggies in the grocery store but can afford the chips and pop.   That is my life while I am on unemployment. There are compromises that have to be made in order to survive right now. I wish there was a way for us to make the organic foods cheaper than the unhealthy ones…maybe a new tax like they have on alcohol and cigarettes. Help people see and understand that they are consuming food that is extremely expensive to their health.

Well thats all for now, I am looking forward to making the short list for this job and getting my life back on track again!


Michelle Clermont

CHFI Blogger


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