Happy Birthday to me

So when I wake up tomorrow I will be 42 years old.  How did that happen exactly…where did all this time go?  This year I truly didn’t plan on celebrating , but in a matter of a couple days I seem to have a full dance card with friends wanting to spend time with me.  Its interesting to see the number of people that still want to hang out, even tho my conversation tends to be focused on my daughter, on my passion for getting the word out about Fatty Liver Disease. I know these are not fun topics , I know it can’t be easy to listen to this over and over.

Thank you to my friends who stand by me and never let me see how tired they might be getting of this conversation!  Thank you to the mentors in my life who constantly remind me that I need to take care of myself in order to help my child. Thank you to my daughter for trying so hard not to show me how scared and sad she really is. Thank you to my son for making me smile with pride at how nicely he is turning into an adult! Thank you to my stepdad for being consistently my rock in life my angel and my saint! Thank you to my Aunt who is becoming more and more important in my life as she helps Megan learn the concepts that she will need to pass Grade 8. Thank you to my grandparents for being fighters and sticking around for me to get more time with them, thank you again to my aunt for taking such good primary care of them!

Thank you my readers. For keeping me honest and giving me a reason to write every week!

42 doesn’t seem so old now!!


Michelle Clermont

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