The Yeast Connection

So much is going on in my life, since the last time I wrote to you.

I am writing a book about Fatty Liver Disease based on the stories in my facebook group.  I am researching the start of A charitable foundation for Fatty Liver Disease as well . The goal of that foundation will be to educate the public about the risks they are taking with their liver everyday in a world full of chemicals in our foods and in the air we breath.  Research will be the second goal and that means I want to see more definitions of what can cause Fatty Liver disease so that people do not feel shamed and doctors can stop rolling their eyes at obese patients and treating them like second class citizens.  The last goal and one I am most passionate about is to get the name changed in the medical community. What an awful name Fatty liver disease is. It makes patients feel ashamed , it makes doctors treat you like you ASKED for this disease. It makes the public picture a morbidly obese person and also think that THEY ASKED for it!! I have enough proof to show that its genetic in some cases, Chemicals and even minerals can be overloaded in the body and trigger the liver to start acting up, A nasty virus, attack on other organs in the body can cause the liver to overwork and start this cycle.  I believe that a Hepatitis immunization shot that my daughter had to take before she went to Italy in 2008 is very likely the trigger for her liver to start acting up! So lots for me to do to make this successful but I will!

What about me huh…what happened to all my health goals and focus on weight loss to be healthier. It was important for me to put that on a shelf while I was on the roller coaster of life after losing my job. Now I have direction and I also know that there is a possibility that one day I could donate up to 72% of my healthy liver to my daughter if she ever needs it.  This lets me refocus on getting healthy and losing weight. I want to be the picture of perfect health if that day ever comes. I do not want to be the overweight candidate who is rejected due to the condition of my own body!

So the next step in my personal plan will be to go on an anti fungus diet to clear my body of toxins. All the stresses that the last 6 weeks have brought into me are happy little toxins floating in my body preparing to take over and make me SICK….sorry toxins the party is over. I will have my 42nd birthday on May 13 and the following Monday I will be starting the Yeast Connection diet.

Our bodies are full of yeast , it loves the warmth of our inner body, it came in when we took anti biotics, when we use birth control pills, when we have major viruses or infections, when we eat meat that came from an animal that was fed antibiotics, when we treated acne or maybe when we treated athletes foot with a topical cream….  It will show up with headaches, depression, skin problems..we will wonder why we are always exhausted…very general symptoms that we never connect to a fungus living in our body.

I have a lot to learn about the yeast connection still but essentially my diet will become focused on complex carbohydrates. Most grains will be gone, most meats will be gone. It will make my daughters liver detox diet look like fun! however, until the fungus is out of my body I will not lose weight effectively and I will continue to have skin problems. So yes I will be re focused and I will be back on track.

Life is creating the path I should follow…now its just time to go for it! See you on the path  It will be an interesting journey!



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